What to do to best manage your rights


As soon as your membership is approved, activate and access the Members Area. It is designed to allow you to access your documents or send items that are useful for managing your rights.

File your exemption from withholding tax

If you file your earnings as self-employment income (BNC in France) and do not want contributions to be withheld before your royalties are paid, inform us via the Members Area.

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More about the tax withholding exemption 

Complete your works used notification forms

Whether ADAGP represents you for All Rights or just Collective Rights, report any television broadcasting of your works on your members' page. 

If ADAGP manages only your Collective Rights, you also need to report book and press publications (whether in France or abroad). 

All Rights members need to report broadcasts on online video platforms (e.g. YouTube, Dailymotion).

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Artist Rightholder

Don’t wait until the last minute

Remember to report any uses of your works as you become aware of them throughout the year. 

Artist Rightholder

ADAGP answers your questions

The collective management of rights can be complex to understand. Feel free to ask your ADAGP contacts any questions, and to turn to the agenda of ADAGP workshops for members. 

See your paid royalties statement and your withholding tax certificate

The annual summary of pay-outs, available in your Members Area, allows you to report your income to the tax authorities and to the artists-authors Urssaf. 
The certification of tax withholding must be attached to the annual tax return that artists with tax withholding must file with the artists-authors Urssaf organization. 

More tax and social security information 


Find out our FAQs or contact us for any questions about your rights or works. 

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