My works are distributed digitally


The images of your works may be used on various digital media: websites, social media, newsletters, e-cards, display terminals, multimedia applications, etc.

ADAGP issues licenses for uses and collects the corresponding copyright fees.

Authorizing uses of your works in digital media

What to do as the artist or rights-holder

By joining ADAGP, you have entrusted the management of your reproduction and communication rights to ADAGP, so you don't have to do anything. 

Users need to apply for a license to use your work via the online license application form. Whatever the intended use, ADAGP gathers all the useful information to supervise the use.


Royalty amount

The Multimedia Reproduction Rights Department receives and manages license requests, after gathering all the information required to manage the use in digital media. It determines the amount due based on the Scale of Royalties. 
The amount depends on the type of use, the duration of use and the number of works reproduced. 

See Scale of Royalties



In certain cases, a license will be issued only after asking you for your consent first, i.e. for a monograph, modifying the work, use in advertising, etc.


Payment of copyrights

ADAGP will then invoice the copyright fees and pay them to you, after deducting its share for operating costs. 
Copyright fees are paid every half-year and uses of the works are listed on the accompanying statement.

ADAGP also manages your rights abroad via its network of 50 sister societies. In countries where there is no sister society, ADAGP is directly in charge.

Contact the Multimedia Rights department

Access the license request form

See the Scale of Royalties

Artist Rightholder

ADAGP is there for you

It is not advisable for artists to negotiate directly with users requesting a license to use your works. As soon as you become a member, ADAGP can help you review any document and advise you on any steps you need to take. 

Artist Rightholder

ADAGP collects your copyright fees

If you deal directly with users, you will not be able to benefit from the services offered by ADAGP when it issues a license (control of uses, follow-up of outstanding bills and debt collection proceedings).

What to do if a user contacts you directly

If users approach you directly to use your works in digital media, inform them that you are a member of ADAGP and that they need to request a license via our online form

Many cultural organizations have contracts with ADAGP, which allow them to benefit from exemptions and discounts. In return, they are committed to upholding copyright law and not asking artists to waive their rights.  

See the list of cultural organizations with contracts with ADAGP

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Search notice

Has ADAGP received any copyright fees on your behalf? Check whether fees have been collected or could be collected for you.

Unlicensed uses on the Internet

You have found unlicensed reproductions of your works on the Internet? ADAGP can step in and regularize any uses subsequent to your membership. 

Send the following information to the ADAGP Multimedia Department:

  • title and photograph of the work;
  • precise URL link leading to the unlicensed publication;
  • your instructions: to remove the publication or to leave it online and collect the amount due.

After verifying the information provided, the Multimedia Department will contact the site(s) in question. Depending on the case, ADAGP may not be able to collect any copyright fees but only have the image removed. 

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My rights and my works

Copyright allows artists to decide how their works may be used and to get compensated.

ADAGP facilitates this process by collecting and distributing both primary and collective royalties due to artists.