My works are broadcast on TV or video on demand (VOD)


Audiovisual rights at a glance

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Reproduction & communication rights

Filming and broadcasting a work requires the artist’s prior consent and remuneration. 

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Tailor-made administration

ADAGP negotiates for you with producers and broadcasters.

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TV and VOD general contracts

Blanket contracts provide a full license to broadcast your works while guaranteeing a fair remuneration of the artists.

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Members' Area

It allows you to report the TV and VOD broadcasts of your works in order to receive your royalties.

Thanks to the general contracts concluded by ADAGP, the TV and VOD rights are paid to you upon simple reporting on your part.

For advertising or broadcasting abroad, communication agencies or producers must request a license via the online application form

Your rights will then be calculated and invoiced according to the scale of royalties.

Licensing your works for broadcasting

Copyright in the audio-visual sector

All televised or digital broadcasting of an artwork must be authorised beforehand by its author, and compensated. 
The ADAGP negotiates, collects and distributes to artists and rights holders the rights due for the distribution of their artworks. 

Generalised management for television and VoD platforms 

The ADAGP has finalised generous contracts with most television channels and VoD platforms. These contracts allow us to redistribute annually your rights all while simplifying the formalities of producers who don’t have to ask for authorisation beforehand, with some exceptions (notably for monographic documentaries). 

Learn more about reproduction and representation rights

Learn more about reproduction and representation rights

You have been approached by a production company

If users contact you directly, inform them that ADAGP represent you for your artist’s rights and copyright. They will then need to request a license via the online form on our website. In many cases, the broadcast is already covered by a blanket contract with broadcasters. 

Depending on the intended use, they will need to:

  • either request advance permission from ADAGP (and we will ask for your consent if they want to modify your work, or use it in an advertising campaign or a monographic film);
  • or contact ADAGP to find out the conditions of use.

Contact ADAGP broadcasting department

Access license request form

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Report broadcasts

Reporting the broadcasts of your works is essential to ensure that you receive your share of the annual royalty payouts.

You have noted an unlicensed broadcast of your works

On television, on TV channel websites and VOD platforms

Go to your Member Space and report the broadcast of your works on TV channels, their websites and digital video platforms (YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Disney+, etc).
This must be done by February 28 of the year following the year of the broadcast.


In a commercial, in a movie, abroad

As this broadcast may be unlicensed, contact the ADAGP Broadcasting department.

Report broadcasts of your works 

Contact the Broadcasting department 

How are your royalties calculated?

General contracts and distributions

ADAGP has concluded blanket contracts with most French television channels and VOD platforms. For each contract, a comprehensive amount is negotiated and collected for all our member artists. The amount is then broken down according to known broadcasts of works: this is the so-called "distribution" operation.
Resale right payments are made in the fall of the year following the year of distribution.

Our resources

ADAGP has 4 sources to ensure proper distribution of broadcasting rights:

  • documents provided by TV channels and internet platforms;
  • information provided by producers;
  • viewing of TV channels by our Broadcasting department;
  • reporting by our member artists and rights-holders.


Scale of royalties

For the following uses, which are not covered by a general contract, rights are calculated according to our scale of royalties:

  • cinemas, public screenings and DVDs;
  • few TV channels with which ADAGP does not have a general contract;
  • advertising;
  • broadcasting abroad.

See Scale of Royalties

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My rights and my works

Copyright allows artists to decide how their works may be used and to get compensated.

ADAGP facilitates this process by collecting and distributing both primary and collective royalties due to artists.