Guiding principles of the Cultural Action program


As part of its Cultural Action program, ADAGP launches and/or financially supports projects that promote the visual arts.

Representing a total of almost €2.5 million in 2021, the ADAGP Cultural Action program is financed by fees collected for private copying. 

All requests for support are subject to an application process. They are assessed by the "Cultural Action" commission and submitted to ADAGP's General Assembly for approval.

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Main types of cultural action

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Direct aid

ADAGP awards grants, prizes and residencies to artists on the French scene, providing them with support at key moments in their professional careers. For more information

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Structural support

Each year, ADAGP supports over 100 events (festivals, fairs, exhibitions, etc.) throughout France. For more information

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Artistic and cultural education

ADAGP develops and supports programs for audiences that have limited access to the arts (the elderly, schoolchildren, young prisoners, etc.). For more information

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Professional training and information

ADAGP contributes to financing the professional training of artists. For more information

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Supporting emerging artists

Each year, the ADAGP presents in its gallery the works of the winners of 8 Revelations, which rewards emerging artists of different disciplines from the French artistic scene (digital/video art, visual arts, urban arts, comics/graphic novels, design, children’s book illustration, photography). 

The ADAGP launches and supports programs that valorise the French artistic scene at the national and international level. In association with actors from the cultural domain, both public and private, the ADAGP shines a light on emerging artists and participates in their recognition thanks to their portraits, published online