Collective Rights


The law established the collective management of certain copyrights when the artist does not have the material capacity to intervene directly to enforce them and entrusted the management to societies of authors such as ADAGP.

Presentation of Collective Rights

Collective rights cover certain uses of the works for which, for practical reasons or because of a too massive use, an individual management is not possible. These rights, which ADAGP collects and distributes, are : 

The remuneration for private copy

This remuneration is paid by manufacturers of recording media (DVD, USB keys, memory cards, external hard drives, decoders, multimedia telephones, tablets, etc.) in return for copies of works made by individuals for their private use, from various sources (internet, television, cable, etc.). 

Reprography (photocopy)

The law has organized the collective management of the right for authors to be remunerated for the photocopying of their works published in books and in the press. This remuneration is collected from schools, universities, companies, copy stores, etc., by the Centre Français d'Exploitation du Droit de Copie (CFC), of which ADAGP is a founding member and administrator. 

The lending right 

This remuneration in favor of authors for books lent in libraries is collected by Sofia (society of authors and publishers of books), which pays ADAGP the lending right due for my monographic works, comic books and children's books. 

Retransmission by cable, satellite and ADSL

ADAGP is authorized to manage the rights for graphic and plastic art works inserted in audiovisual works retransmitted by cable, satellite or ADSL. 

Educational uses

ADAGP collects remunerations for its members for educational uses (use of works in classrooms or in research seminars, reproduction in exam subjects, on school extranets, etc.), thanks to agreement protocols concluded with the ministries in charge of national education, research and higher education. 

These rights cannot be individually negotiated or transferred between the authors and the users. 

Artist Rightholder

Support for the creative arts

25% of the amounts collected for private copying help finance the creative arts, training for artists and artistic and cultural education. ADAGP is a leader providing strong support to culture through grants, residencies and support for artistic and cultural events.

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How does ADAGP manage the collective rights of its members?

For each type of collective right, authorized organizations collect from the users concerned the royalties set by law, on the basis of studies on usage, general contracts or negotiated agreements.

Private copy 

The amounts are set by the Commission for the Remuneration of Private Copying, of which ADAGP is a member, on the basis of annual studies on copying practices. 

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The Centre Français d'Exploitation du Droit de Copie (CFC) is the society authorized to issue authorizations for the reprography of works in books and in the press. ADAGP is represented on the CFC's author's college. It establishes a scale per photocopied page for books and for the press according to the different types of media. The sums allocated to the image are transferred to the societies of authors of the fixed image, of which ADAGP is a member. The Collective Rights Department of the ADAGP provides documentation of the images of its member artists published in books and in the press, based on both the invoicing of All Rights members (TD) and on the declarations of use by the authors for Collective Rights members (DC). 

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The Lending Right 

The French State pays €1.50 per registered user in public libraries and €1 per user in university libraries, i.e. approximately €11 million per year for lending rights. Book suppliers (bookstores, etc.) pay 6% of the public price of books purchased by lending libraries. The share corresponding to the authors of books who are members of ADAG is then directly transferred by Sofia to ADAGP. 

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Cable, satellite and ADSL retransmission 

ADAGP has concluded general contracts covering all repertoires (music, audiovisual, image) with each of the broadcasters. The share allocated to the authors of still images has been negotiated in these agreements. The Audiovisual department of the ADAGP compiles a documentation of the images broadcast on the different TV channels from the viewing of the programs, completed by the producers' requests for authorizations, the declarations made by certain broadcasters and the authors' declarations. The amount of the rights is distributed among the authors broadcasted during the year on the TV channels. 


Educational uses 

A general agreement has been concluded with the French Ministry of Education for the use of works in an educational context. The distribution of the rights is done by analogy, in proportion to the rights already collected according to the modes of exploitation. 

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Declare to collect

In order to receive your collective rights, declare your works in the press, books and on television on the Member's Area. 

To be done before February 28 of each year. 


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The "Droits collectifs" brochure

Learn more about the different collective rights, how ADAGP collects and redistributes these rights, and the key actions to receive them. (French version)