March: current practices

01 Mar 2022

At the origin was the drawn line, and then tools came into play. Charcoal, pigments, inks, brushes, pencils... the tools of creation have multiplied, as have reproduction techniques. From the 1990s on, the development of computer-based technologies has disrupted processes, design and colors with graphic palettes, digital image acquisition, and printing by digital machines.

Calendrier mars 2022

Drawing by Nathalie Ferlut


Moreover, magazines and books now use new virtual works. Since the 2000s, curiosity for the first comic book blogs has been growing and brought avout a new generation of authors. Originating in South Korea, webtoons are particularly well-adapted to reading on mobile screens and attract young comics fans who follow specialized platforms.


New practices are developing, but whether you create with a chisel or a touch pen, whether you read them on a dazibao or a smartphone, the "contents" remain works that are distributed to multiple readers, with the corollary that any distribution deserves compensation. The players in the comic book industry need to be watchful so that this new situation does not unbalance the sector.

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