Joining ADAGP


ADAGP membership upholds visual artists' copyright and ensures that they receive a fair compensation for the use of their works.
Membership also gives access to personalized advice, creation grants, training workshops and a whole team to support you through your projects.

2-minute video presentation


« You have to join ADAGP because it protects artists. It makes sure that artists are not isolated. It defends artists when they are in a weak position and it plays an advisory role in managing copyright. Artists are stronger as a collective, and ADAGP plays a connecting role between all artists to make their voices heard louder and clearer. »

Olivier Masmonteil

Painter, member of ADAGP since 2009 and member of the Board of Directors
« ADAGP also offers many initiatives, such as grants in all artistic sectors and aid for cultural development. The action closest to my heart is "Culture(s) of Tomorrow" supported by the experience of the Fabrique du Regard and the association La Source. With a social and artistic vocation, this program allows children to develop their imagination on a given theme. »

Elisabeth Garouste

Designer, member of the ADAGP since 1999 and member of the board of directors