ADAGP Operations


ADAGP operations are like those within any other collective management organization (CMO), governed by Articles L. 321-1 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code. 

Royalties are invoiced according to the ADAGP’s scale of royalties in force. All royalties collected are paid out to members, after deduction of management fees, and are also used to finance cultural and social action plans when provided for by law. ADAGP's management fees only serve to compensate the society's operating costs.

Thanks to ADAGP’s network of sister societies ADAGP is able to manage the rights of its members living abroad.

General Assembly

The ADAGP General Assembly is composed of all of its members and meets each year on the third Thursday of the month of October. Members are convened individually via postal mail in July. The General Assembly approves the Transparency Report, which includes the Annual Activities Report, the Annual financial statements, information on cultural action and other subjects on the agenda.

The Members in General Assembly are also called on to elect the members of the ADAGP Board of Directors and the Supervisory Commission.

See the ADAGP Statutes and Reports

Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors (between 4 and 16) are elected by the General Assembly for a three-year term of office, renewable once. The Board of Directors elects from among its members a President and two Vice Presidents, who constitute the officers or “bureau” of the society.

The eligibility criteria are defined in the ADAGP Statutes. 

Members of the Board of Directors elected by the General Assembly on October 21, 2021:

  • Jean-Michel Alberola

  • Daniel Buren

  • Stéphanie Busuttil-Janssen (César Estate)

  • Sylvie Debré-Huerre (Olivier Debré Estate)

  • Marie Desert

  • Hervé Di Rosa

  • Rebecca Digne

  • Elizabeth Garouste

  • Christian Jaccard

  • Marc Jeanclos (Georges Jeanclos Estate)

  • Olivier Masmonteil

  • Meret Meyer (Marc Chagall Estate)

  • Joan Punyet Miró (Joan Miró Estate)

  • Philippe Ramette

  • Gustave de Stael von Holstein (Nicolas de Stael Estate) 

  • Antoine Schneck

The Officers (bureau) of the Board of Directors were elected on December 16, 2021 as follows:

  • Hervé Di Rosa, président
  • Christian JACCARD, vice-président
  • Meret Meyer (succession Marc CHAGALL), vice-présidente

The Supervisory Commission

According to Article 34 of ADAGP's Statutes, the Supervisory Commission guarantees the transparency of the society's management. The mission of the Supervisory Commission is to monitor the activities of the Board of Directors and to ensure the implementation of the decisions passed by the members in General Assembly. The Commission hears appeals after a refusal by the ADAGP manager to release documents referred to in Article R. 321-18 of the French Intellectual Property Code and must issue an opinion giving grounds for such refusal. 

Composed of 6 members, authors and rightholders, elected by the General Assembly for a 3-year term of office, the Supervisory Commission decides on the following points: risk management policy, real estate transactions (acquisition, sale, mortgage), merger or alliance (creation of affiliates, takeover of other entities, etc.), borrowing operations, granting of loans or loan guarantees. 
At each General Assembly, the Commission presents an Annual Report outlining the work and tasks accomplished over the previous year. 

The elected members of the Supervisory Commission are:

  • Michel AVERSENG
  • Alain GALET
  • Jean-Pierre GIOVANELLI
  • Denis RODIER
  • Colette SONZOGNI
  • Igor USTINOV

How ADAGP works

All the royalties collected by ADAGP, defined by its current collection scale, are paid back to the members, after deduction of the management fees, or used to finance cultural and social action when provided for by law. ADAGP's management fees only compensate for the company's operating costs.

Statutory Auditors

ADAGP has an auditor and is placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture for its statutes, its distribution rules and its general operation. It is subject to the annual control of the Permanent Commission for the Control of Collective Management Organizations (CMO), which is composed of magistrates from the Cour des comptes, the Court de Cassation and the Conseil d'Etat.

The ADAGP commissions

Consultative Commissions have been set up to advise the Board of Directors and to examine various issues in greater depth. Repertoire Commissions exist for photography, applied arts, children's books and comics, as well as the fight against art forgeries and counterfeits, among others.

Picto ADAGP Musées et centres d'art


Cultural action commission


Composed of a dozen members, authors and rights holders appointed for 3 years, this commission initiates projects, elaborates the budget proposal and studies the subsidy requests.

  • C215
  • Alix DELMAS
  • Pierre-Olivier DESCHAMPS
  • Rebecca DIGNE
  • Fondation LE CORBUSIER
  • Thomas LÉVY-LASNE
  • Olivier MASMONTEIL
  • Meret MEYER
  • Christelle PÉCOUT    
  • Charlotte ROEDERER
  • Olivier RUELLAND
  • Antoine SCHNECK


Picto ADAGP designer


Applied Arts and Design commission


  • Simon CHAOUAT
  • matali CRASSET
  • Isabelle DAËRON
  • Laureline GALLIO
  • Succession Jacques LE CHEVALLIER
  • Guillaume PIECHAUD
  • Succession Jean PROUVÉ
  • Souleimen MIDOUNI
  • Succession Dani et Jacques RUELLAND

Picto ADAGP Illustrateur


Comic book commission


  • Josselin AZORIN-LARA
  • Berthet One
  • Marc-Antoine BOIDIN
  • Camille BURGER
  • Isabelle DETHAN
  • Christian LEROLLE
  • Christelle PECOUT
  • Laurent SIEURAC
  • Virginie VIDAL

Picto ADAGP Illustrateur


Children's book commission


  • Gilles BACHELET
  • Betty BONE
  • Aurore CALLIAS
  • Charline COLLETTE
  • François DELEBECQUE
  • Dorothée DE MONFREID
  • Peggy NILLE
  • Gilles RAPAPORT
  • Floriane RICARD
  • Charlotte ROEDERER
  • Claire SCHVARTZ

Picto ADAGP Salon


Commission for the fight against forgeries and counterfeits


  • Miquel BARCELO
  • Robert COMBAS
  • Fondation GIACOMETTI (FAAG)
  • Fondation Jean DUBUFFET
  • Fondation Nikki DE SAINT-PHALLE
  • Fondation LE CORBUSIER
  • Musée ZADKINE
  • Successions Georges BRAQUE, Henri LAURENS et Mariette LACHAUD
  • Succession Marc CHAGALL
  • Succession Olivier DEBRÉ
  • Succession Nicolas DE STAËL
  • Succession Georges JEANCLOS
  • Succession MAGRITTE
  • Succession MATTA
  • Succession MIRO 
  • Succession Serge POLIAKOFF

Picto ADAGP Photographie


Photography commission


  • Diane ARQUES
  • Jean-Philippe BALTEL
  • Alain BIZOS
  • Alix DELMAS
  • Pierre-Olivier DESCHAMPS
  • Brigitte ENGUERAND
  • Nicolas GIRAUD
  • Pascal MAITRE
  • Romuald MEIGNEUX
  • Marion POUSSIER
  • Gilles ROLLE
  • Antoine SCHNECK
  • Béatrice SOULÉ
  • Jacques TOUROUTE

The ADAGP teams

ADAGP's services, led by a general director appointed by the general assembly, implement the society's statutory missions. They are supported by a network of sister societies that enable it to manage the rights of its members abroad.

Contact the ADAGP teams