I represent a cultural organization


You represent a museum or a cultural venue (foundation, exhibition venue, etc.) and you wish to exhibit, publish an exhibition catalog, create tie-in products, show your collections online? Wherever you are in the world, ADAGP is here to assist you.

If you regularly use the works of artists represented by ADAGP, it is recommended that you sign a contract. If your uses are highly occasional, you can get one-off licenses. 

Find out how to proceed simply:

Using works

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How to proceed

Fill the form to request a license and pay artist’s royalties.

Is the artist represented by ADAGP?

Check if the artist is a member of ADAGP with the online directory.

Sign a contract with ADAGP

Your cultural institution (museum, foundation, etc.) reproduce works regularly? ADAGP offers you a contract with suitable financial conditions, including discounts and exemptions. 

N.B.: this does not exempt you from requesting licenses to use works from our services. 

Applying for a contract with ADAGP

From France:  Write us

From other countries:  Write us

Get a one-off license

After checking that the artist you are interested in is represented by ADAGP, fill in the license request form. Your request will be processed   by the ADAGP department best able to answer you. 

In return for the license to use the work, you will pay a copyright fee which is calculated according to the ADAGP Scale of Royalties

See the ADAGP artists directory

Complete a license application

See the Scale of Royalties


Need a high-resolution file?

ADAGP Images offers a selection of over 40,000 images by ADAGP members. In order to guarantee the quality of the images, each file is checked with the artists and rights-holders. 

N.B.: if you have purchased the file of a work from a photo agency or another image bank, and even if you have purchased a so-called "royalty-free" file, your purchase covers only photographic rights; it does not exempt you from requesting a license for the reproduction of the work photographed.


Attention !

Si vous avez acheté le fichier d’une œuvre à une agence photo, à une autre banque d’images ou même si vous vous êtes procuré un fichier « libre de droits », cela ne vous dispense pas de demander l’autorisation de reproduction de l’œuvre photographiée. Votre achat concerne uniquement les droits photographiques.