ADAGP and TF1 Group sign a new agreement

27 Nov 2021

ADAGP and TF1 Group welcome the signature of a new agreement on the use of works from the ADAGP repertoire by TF1 Group services. 

The new agreement will go into effect retroactively as of January 1, 2021.

TF1 Group and ADAGP both wanted to redefine and update the conditions applicable to how the ADAGP repertoire would be used by TF1 Group services.
A new agreement was thus signed for the period 2021 to 2025, with the ambition of perpetuating the use of works from the ADAGP repertoire on the Group's linear and non-linear services, including: paintings, sculptures, photographs, design, urban artwork, graphics, illustrations, architecture and more.
The ADAGP welcomes this achievement which ensures, as its mission statement requires, broadcasting of visual arts on all channels and services of the TF1 Group on the one hand and remuneration of the creators of the works on the other hand.

On its side, TF1 Group has demonstrated through this agreement that the Group is committed to the French world of culture and creation, as well as to supporting all artists who represent it.

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