Salto, SACD and ADAGP sign an agreement

11 Dec 2020

Salto, SACD and ADAGP welcome the signing of an agreement on the use of works from the SACD and ADAGP repertoires by the platform created by France Télévisions, the TF1 group and the group M6 and launched last October 20.




Press release

December 9, 2020



This agreement takes into account the delinearised uses of the works (catch-up television and video on demand) but also the channel distribution service by Salto.


Thomas FOLLIN, Managing Director of Salto: “Salto is committed to promoting French creation and its authors by offering the largest platform for French fictions. We were able to count very early on the support of the SACD and its members for this French initiative. I am very proud to be able to conclude our first agreement with SACD and ADAGP ".


Pascal ROGARD, Managing Director of SACD: “This agreement with Salto demonstrates a shared vision of the principles of remuneration for authors and the economic valuation of the creative work of directors and screenwriters. Welcome to Salto. "


Marie-Anne FERRY-FALL, Managing Director of ADAGP: “This agreement, alongside the SACD, underlines the importance of the visual arts within audiovisual creation and, thanks to Salto, contributes to the influence of current artists."





Salto is the French service providing unlimited access to television and streaming, resulting from the common desire of the France Télévisions, M6 and TF1 groups to support the French public in the evolution of its uses. Salto allows you to find the best television works and new content, live, catch-up, exclusive or preview, from € 6.99 / month. This common platform aims to actively participate in the influence of French and European audiovisual creation. Salto is an independent company owned equally by the three groups. More information:


About SACD

Chaired by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade and directed by Pascal Rogard, the SACD founded in 1777 by Beaumarchais belongs to the authors who are members of it. It represents more than 55,000 authors and authors from the audiovisual industry, cinema, digital creation and performing arts. It collectively manages and defends their rights, provides them with a large number of services, supports them in their professional life and supports, thanks to the remuneration system for private copying, contemporary creation and the distribution of works. The SACD is also very involved in the defense of cultural diversity and is present in national and international bodies to protect authors and their works, defend their status and their conditions of remuneration.



Chaired by the visual artist Christian Jaccard and directed by Marie-Anne Ferry-Fall, ADAGP collects, redistributes and protects the patrimonial rights recognized to authors of the visual arts. With a global network of nearly 50 sister companies, the authors' society represents more than 196,000 artists from all countries, in all visual arts disciplines: architecture, digital art, urban art, video art, comics, design, youth illustration, manga, painting, photography, sculpture.

Through its cultural action program, ADAGP encourages the creative scene by initiating and / or financially supporting projects that promote the visual arts and ensure their promotion nationally and internationally.







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