Révélation Livre d'Artiste : Anne-Sophie Tritschler is the winner !

04 Jun 2017

Anne-Sophie Tritschler has won the second edition of the ADAGP/MAD Prix Révélation Livre d'Artiste (Artist's Book Revelation Prize) for her book "Maison du Roi".

The ADAGP – the society of authors in the graphic and plastic arts – and the MAD fair have come together for the second year for the Prix Révélation Livre d'Artiste, which seeks to promote and uncover current creation in this artistic discipline.

This second year follows the 2016 discovery of the talented Isabelle Le Minh and her "La dioptrique des cartes de visite".

The 2017 selection

Of over 150 applications, 20 were pre-selected by MAD's Scientific Committee, made up of collectors, artists and those working in the arts and publishing.

This second year, the jury, co-chaired by Hervé Di Rosa (artist) and Elizabeth Garouste (plastic artist and designer) and including Martine Aballéa (plastic artist) and Antoine de Galbert (Director of la maison rouge) chose to honour Anne-Sophie Tritschler for her book "Maison du Roi”.

The jury paid tribute to "the novelistic quality of this multi-layered work, the social content of which echoes contemporary reality without miserabilism" and highlighted "the rich and diverse content of this work, a true cabinet of curiosities that compares documents from a variety of sources, including archives, texts, postcards and photographs. An artist's book with real artistic work, which stands out for the near-craftsmanship of its attention to detail and its highly accomplished production."

The laureate will receive a grant from the ADAGP and a profile video filmed by Arte and broadcast on the Arte Créative website.

She will be honoured at the ADAGP's Révélations gala, which will be held at the Centquatre-Paris on 14 December.

Through this prize focused resolutely on young creators, the ADAGP and MAD demonstrate their commitment to promoting the emergence of Livre d’Artiste talents and the dissemination of creators' works.