Resale Right Campaign Moves Forward at WIPO’s

15 May 2016

Friday, May 13, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) discussed the resale right at its 32nd plenary session.




Following extensive promotional activities and efforts of CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers), EVA (European Visual Artists) and CIAGP (International Council of Creators of Graphic Arts, Plastic and Photographic) and at the initiative of
Senegal, many Member States have recommended the dissemination of the university study advocating the universal adoption of the Law on.
This study was written by Sam Ricketson, Professor of Law at the University of Melbourne, who will be invited to present his work at the next plenary session of the SCCR in November.
CISAC, alongside the GESAC, EVA and CIAGP, conducting a large campaign to engage in international discussions for the universal adoption of the resale right, a right already adopted by over 80 countries to date. This right provides artists with graphic and plastic arts the guarantee to receive remuneration related to the resale of their works when it is performed by a sales room or an art gallery.
Marie-Anne Ferry Fall, CEO of ADAGP and President of EVA, provided clarification on the resale right and told delegates of WIPO why this right is vital for visual artists.
"This law established in France there are almost 100 years old, is a question of equity between the various stakeholders in the value chain created in the art world so that those who are behind this value can benefit and live. "