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The resale right and Brexit

The resale right and Brexit

The ADAGP and artists are concerned about the potential implications of Brexit on the resale right and are calling the European Union’s attention to this issue.

Since being established in the United Kingdom 11 years ago, the resale right has been an essential source of income for artists. The revenue generated by the resale right has increased by 25% in the past five years, reaching 43 million euros. As such, it represents a quarter of artists’ rights for creators, who in turn are concerned about the impact Brexit could have on the resale right and are relying on the EU, which has always demonstrated its commitment to this right.

To spearhead this fight, the ADAGP has recently sent a letter, signed by its directors (including Daniel Buren, Hervé Di Rosa and Gustave de Staël) to Michel Barnier, Chief Negotiator in charge of the working group tasked with preparing and leading negotiations with the United Kingdom, asking for his support. Meanwhile, CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers has written to the artists’ rights unit of the European Commission DG Connect in order to share its concerns.

A meeting was held yesterday, at the European Commission, between the representatives of EVA (European Visual Artists) and the ADAGP, accompanied by the artists Laurence Jenkell, Guillaume Piéchaud, and Edouard Lombard, committee chairman Georges Mathieu and colleagues of Michel Barnier (François Arbault and Mariano Fernandez Salas). The latter were sympathetic to the issue of the resale right and artists’ rights more broadly. This is a first step in this battle for the resale right, the outcome of which will still take some time to become apparent.