Meet the authors, 2nd edition

06 Jun 2017

Authors and European decision makers met together yesterday in Brussels for a conference around the reform of copyright.

Focusing on the issue of the value gap, the MEET THE AUTHORS event, organised by GESAC, brought together yesterday in Brussels central players on the European copyright stage: artists, authors’ societies and policy makers, notably European Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip, numerous MEPs from the five main political groups and representatives of some thirteen countries, including four ambassadors. They were joined by more than sixty authors from all over Europe representing a wide variety of artistic fields: composers, singers, photographers, street artists, etc.

At this time when copyright reform proposals are being discussed in the European Parliament, authors wanted to call with one voice to the EU to rebalance the transfer of value: if Europe does not adopt strong, clear legislation on the subject, platforms will continue to funnel the value of creative and cultural works for their sole profit, depriving Europe of one of its main economic resources: the cultural sector.

Daniel Buren, who was present with ADAGP’s delegation, read this decisive call to the gathering on behalf of all the authors: He declared: “All European creation is at stake here. The EU must adapt its legislation immediately to provide fertile ground for creation”. C215 stated, for his part, that “the platforms sell advertising on our works without our consent (…). What is happening goes against the spirit of street art, which is sharing. It has been stolen from us by big companies like Google and Facebook”.

MEET THE AUTHORS has shown the conviction and capacity for mobilisation of authors throughout Europe to defend their rights. If, as Andrus Ansip said, “a basic function of copyright is to recognise and reward the investment of creators and of creative industries”, Europe will take a decision in the months ahead in favour of supporting creators and their request for fair remuneration.


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