Liv Schulman, winner of the research award ADAGP - VILLA VASSILIEFF 2018

26 Jul 2018

The second ADAGP - Villa Vassilieff grant will allow Liv Schulman to realize her project of writing and making a film that will tell a story of feminist art.

The artistic committee of the ADAGP - Villa Vassilieff fellowship met on Thursday, June 14th and chose Liv Schulman as 2018 laureate, thus succeeding Franck Leibovici, laureate 2017. The ADAGP - Villa Vassilieff research grant is an endowment of 20.000 euros intended to accompany an artist in a research work on duration. Villa Vassilieff coordinates with the artist the different stages of the research process, the artist receives a fee and the expenses related to her research project are covered by a production budget.

Liv Schulman's project consists of writing and directing a film that will tell a story of feminist art.

Based on the Marc Vaux fonds (Kandinsky Library, MNAM-CCI, Center Pompidou), Liv Schulman wants to produce a documentary fiction by highlighting women, lesbians and forms of dissident corporality that existed between 1930 and 1970 The produced film will be neither a realistic film nor a fiction of time but a film of art where the speeches, the images and the forms of words become characters. With this project, Liv Schulman wants to propose a history of committed and anti-patriarchal art as well as a new way of telling this story: not by retracing falsely universal linear events but rather by creating a narrative that brings together different stories, images and thoughts.