Kokou Ferdinand Makouvia is our revelation "Arts Plastiques" 2017

03 May 2017

In the 62nd Salon of Montrouge, ADAGP launched the 3rd edition of its Révélations.

The Salon de Montrouge, a place of reference for young artists, is a real springboard for the artists of tomorrow. It offers them many opportunities: scholarships, project grants, exhibition proposals, prizes and professional contacts.

Through this prize and thanks to the meticulous pre-selection proposed by the Salon de Montrouge, ADAGP encourages the emergence of talent, the dissemination of artists' works and affirms its commitment to supporting young artists.

The jury, co-chaired by the artists Hervé Di Rosa and Elizabeth Garouste, is composed of Mélanie Bouteloup (director Bétonsalon - Art and research center & Villa Vassilieff), Françoise Monnin (editor-in-chief of ARTENSION) and artist Barthélémy Toguo, wanted to distinguish Kokou Ferdinand MAKOUVIA for his two plays: “I kept the reflex” and “Azikpuivi” (2016).
The jury welcomes the ambition and the contemporary nature of the means implemented by the artist, the very accomplished realization of the works presented, the coherence and the actuality of its purpose. "Ferdinand Makouvia Kokou wanted to express forcefully the idea of going out of tradition and breaking the weight of history. He vigorously questions the notions of threshold and passage. Her sculpture makes a gesture, she expresses both revolt and reflection, "said the jury, seduced by this remarkable" plastic vision of borders ".


The winner receives an endowment from ADAGP and benefits from a portrait filmed by Arte and diffused on the site of Arte Creative. He also has the chance to participate in the biennial Young European Creation.

It will be honored at the ADAGP Revelations night, organized at Centquatre - Paris, on December 14th.


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