23 Apr 2019

Until 14 April 2019, the List Visual Arts Center, the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) laboratory for visual arts, is hosting “Safe Passage”, an exhibition dedicated solely to the work of Kapwani Kiwanga.

Having received the support of the ADAGP to exhibit at the List Visual Arts Center, Kapwani Kiwanga won the Etant donnés Prize awarded by Etant donnés Contemporary Art as part of the Armory Show.

This prize of €10,000 euros is awarded to a living artist on the French arts scene and actively contributes to the visibility of this scene beyond national borders. The ADAGP warmly congratulates Kapwani Kiwanga for this international recognition of her work.


Read the press release from the French Embassy in the United States


This exhibition is supported by the ADAGP-Etant donnés Grant, which helps American non-profit organisations to present the work of artists from the French scene. Kapwani Kiwanga is presenting her latest sculptures on the theme of surveillance systems, linking this theme to the history of the African-American people, a subject close to her heart.

The artist uses the medium of visual arts, which she studied at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, to express social and economic issues. The methodology of comparative anthropology, her initial background, is reflected both in the mock scientific accounts and lectures that she invents and in her archive displays.  In 2018, this academic and artistic perspective on knowledge won her the Sobey Art Award and the ADAGP-Etant donnés Grant.


About the ADAGP-Etant donnés Grants

In 2018, the ADAGP wished to participate in Etant donnés, launched by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States and their partner foundation, FACE (French American Cultural Exchange) by offering 2 grants of €15,000 to help French artists (or those who have lived in France for over 5 years), in the middle of their career and members of the ADAGP, to exhibit in the United States.



More info: http://face-foundation.org/etant-donnes/index.html

Read the press release from the MIT List Visual Arts Center (in English)