image search engines: A historic vote

20 Jun 2016

The authors of the visual arts and photo agencies welcome the vote of the joint committee which confirmed June 15 the establishment of a collective rights management system to compensate authors whose works are reproduced by automated services of image optimization.




With this vote, parliamentarians have responded to the call of the authors of the visual arts and photographic agencies and clearly reaffirmed their support.
The visual arts sector organizations commend the determination of parliamentarians to have been through with this initiative led by Senators and express their deep gratitude here.
The law on freedom of creation, architecture and heritage, is adopted in public session on 29 June, is a historic step forward for authors and photographic agencies that may well be associated with the value generated by exploitation of their works so that innovation benefits all.
This decision also very awaited by European authors, augurs well for future European discussions.
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Coralie de La Martinière

T:+33 (0)1 73 79 56 41