Ekphrasis grant - Call for applications 2021

08 Feb 2021

ADAGP, AICA France and Le Quotidien de l'Art are launching the second edition of the Ekphrasis grant to enable the writing and dissemination of critical texts on the work of 10 artists from the French art scene. Call for application deadline: March 31, 2021 - 2 p.m.v



It is essential for an artist to have a critical text on his work. This allows him to put his artistic production into perspective and to make it part of the history of art.

For the second year, ADAGP is joining forces with AICA France and the Quotidien de l'Art in order to connect 10 artists and critics and thus allow the writing and dissemination of the texts that result from it. (publication in the Quotidien de l'Art).

This program includes 10 grants of € 2,000 covering the writing of the text, its translation and will be the subject of 2 successive calls for applications: to artists who are members of ADAGP and to critics of AICA France.



The modus operandi and timetable

From February 8 to March 31, 2021: Call for applications from ADAGP member artists

End of April: Selection of 10 artists by the jury made up of a critic from AICA France, an artist from ADAGP and a journalist from the Quotidien de l'Art

May-June: Sending of the files of these 10 artists for the call for projects to the critics of AICA France

Early July: receipt of critics' applications and choice of critic by the jury in agreement with the artist upon reading the critic's application file:

From July to the end of October: meeting between the artist and the critic and writing of the text

Early November: text submission

From November 2021: publication of the text by the Quotidien de l'Art:


Who can apply?

Artists and rightholders, members of ADAGP for at least 3 years, all disciplines combined, and whose work has not been the subject of a significant critical text for 3 years (journalistic and web publications are not taken into account) may apply.


For what type of texts?

The text produced must be a maximum of 5 pages, between 6500 and 8000 characters, on the artistic process of the artist and his works. This text will be translated into a foreign language of the artist's choice


What are the application procedures for artists?

The artist must send a typed file in pdf format in French to the following address: ekphrasis@adagp.fr including the following elements:

     - CV / Artist's career with a list of exhibitions, publications, past, present and future events (2 pages maximum),

     - 10 visuals of works or video links with full captions (title, date, dimensions of the work, medium),

     - 1 or 2 critical texts already published

     - A certificate on the artist's honor on the fact that he has not had a critical text for a maximum of 3 years in France and abroad (journalistic and web publications are not taken into account)


For more information, you can contact: Johanna Hagege - ekphrasis@adagp.fr


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