The Economy of Culture

08 Dec 2015

On 27 November and 3 December, two studies on the Cultural and Creative Industries were published respectively by EY and France Créative at the national level for the second year running and by EY and CISAC at the global level for the first time.

These two studies show that creative industries are key drivers of the national and global economies.
They stress that, with over 300,000 jobs in France and over 6.5 million worldwide, the visual and graphic arts are leaders in terms of cultural and creative employment.
Moreover, the visual arts represent revenues of €21.4bn in France and over $391bn worldwide.
The visual arts – an international showcase for France
With its rich artistic heritage and events of international standing (FIAC, Rencontres Internationales d’Arles, Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne, among others), France has confirmed its fourth place in the international art market and its second place in Europe. 
The first place in the visual arts confirms the nature of this sector, which is not an industry in itself, but an extensive and dense network of small entities (artists, art centers, galleries ...) both fragile but incredibly dynamic. More than ever, the decisions-makers should pay particular attention to this sector.
Press Release
Culture in France with France Créative