Declare your collective rights before February 28, 2021!

14 Jan 2021

Comic book writers, mangakas, youth author-illustrators, press or agency photographers, press cartoonists ... Have your images been published or broadcast? Don't forget to declare your publications before February 28!



Authors for whom ADAGP only manages collective rights must send us the declaration of the exploitation of their works, with a view to calculating the share of collective rights due to them (photocopying rights, audiovisual private copying,. ..)

This information is necessary for the repayment of your rights.

In order for the uses of the works to be taken into account, it is imperative that the declarations reach us before February 28, 2021.


Which declarations to fill?

Each declaration corresponds to a type of operation:

The [Book Declaration] allows you to declare the uses of your works in books, including those published abroad, in 2020.

This information is used for the distribution of "book" reprography rights (photocopying) and the library lending right.

The [Press declaration] allows you to declare the uses of your works in the press, including the foreign press, in 2020.

This information is used for the distribution of reprography (photocopying) and private digital “press” copying rights.

The [Television declaration] allows you to declare the broadcasts of your works in television programs (WebTVs are not taken into account).

Please provide as much detail as possible concerning the title of the program as well as its date and broadcast channel: incomplete declarations cannot be taken into account. For TV newspapers, specify the time slot (noon, evening) and for video creations, the total duration or the extract broadcast.

This information is used for the distribution of private copying and cable retransmission rights for the year following the broadcast.


How do I complete my declarations?

 1. Go to your member area

If you are logging in for the first time, activate your Member Area by following the activation procedure.

If you have already activated your account, log in directly to the Membership Area.


2. Complete the declarations located in the "Declarations" tab and send them before February 28, 2021.

Our advice: the Membership Area has been created in particular to allow you to report your publications and broadcasts "on the fly" and thus avoid the cumbersome annual entry.



For photographers and press cartoonists

You told us that you were a press photographer or press cartoonist. Therefore and always before February 28, 2021, please let us know if you held the press card in 2020.

If so, please send us a photocopy at

If not, inform us by email ( of the average share of your press income (photos or drawings related to the news):

0 to 15%

15 to 25%

25 to 50%

Beyond 50%


For photo agencies

Regarding photo agencies, declaration forms are only available in the “Download” section of the site or via the following links:

Book registration - photo agency

Press registration - photo agency

TV registration - photo agency




Regarding private digital press copying (press photographer), please complete the attached table and send it to us at before February 28, 2021.


Without a response from you by February 28, 2021, no publication or broadcast will be taken into account for 2020 and the share of 2020 income related to the press will be considered as zero.

Your declarations and answers are binding on you because the calculation of your rights results from it.



[Book and Press Registration]

Catherine simonet

01 73 79 78 94 /


[Television Registration]

Helene Assous

01 73 79 78 96 /



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