Declare your collective rights before April 30, 2020!

23 Mar 2020

Comic strip authors, mangakas, youth author-illustrators, press or agency photographers, press cartoonists, album cover artists ... Have your images been published or broadcast? Do not forget to declare your publications before April 30!



If ADAGP only manages your collective rights, you declare send us the exploitation of your works, in order to calculate your part of collective rights due (photocopying right, audiovisual private copying,...)


This declaration is necessary for the transfer of your rights.

In order for the uses of the works to be taken into account, it is imperative that the declarations reach us before April 30, 2020.



Which declarations to complete?


Each bulletin corresponds to a type of exploitation:


The “reprography edition declaration bulletin” allows you to declare the uses of your works in books. This information is used for the distribution of reprography rights "books" (photocopy) and the right to lend to the library.


The "press reprography declaration bulletin" allows you to declare the uses of your works in the press. This information is used for the distribution of rights of reprography (photocopying) and digital private copying "press".


In these two declarations, do not forget to tell us about foreign editions because: thanks to its network of sister companies, ADAGP manages the rights of artists in more than 50 countries.

The "television declaration bulletin" allows you to declare the broadcasts of your works in television programs, for the distribution of private copying and cable retransmission rights for the year following that of diffusion. For this, please indicate the date of broadcast, the title of the program, the channel of broadcast, the time of broadcast and the number of works broadcast.

Insofar as WebTVs are not included in the Cables, Satellites and Adsl distribution packages, nor taken into account in the calculation of audiovisual private copying, it is not necessary to indicate them.


How do I complete my declarations?

Go to your member space and complete the declaration forms online: 

If you are logging in for the first time, activate your Member Area by following the activation procedure. If you have already activated your account, log in directly to the Member Space.

On your Member Area, you will find the declaration bulletins under the "Declarations of use" tab.

Complete and send your declarations before April 30, 2020.

NB: Now you can complete these bulletins over the year to notify ADAGP of the uses of your works.


What about photo agencies?

Regarding photo agencies and authors who are members of photo agencies, declaration forms are only available in the "Download" section of the site or via the following links:

publishing statements - photo agency

press statements - photo agency

TV statements - photo agency

Declarations must be returned by email to before April 30, 2020.


For more information, please contact Catherine Simonet 01 73 79 78 94 / 


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