Deal ! ADAGP contracts

01 Apr 2021

Every day, ADAGP negotiates individual or collective contracts for its members. These contracts result in great collaborations that ensure fair remuneration for visual artists.



SACD and ADAGP sign a contract with Molotov TV (03/24/2021)

Molotov, SACD and ADAGP have entered into a tripartite agreement for the remuneration of authors of works broadcast on television channels distributed on each of the services of the French platform OTT, leader in France.

This agreement takes into account the importance of the repertoires of the SACD (cinema, fiction, animation) and the ADAGP (works of graphic, plastic and photographic arts) in the offer of a distributor of television programs and of the specificity of MOLOTOV (based on a freemium model: on the one hand, free access, in particular to free DTT channels, and on the other hand, subscription offers to paid channels and services).

This agreement covers operations on Molotov from the launch of the platform in July 2016, until the end of 2022.




ADAGP signs a contract with Artify (02/17/2021)

ADAGP has entered into an agreement with ARTIFY. This French start-up brings Art into businesses thanks to an innovative service for the distribution of digitized works of art. The contract authorizes Artify to offer the works of ADAGP members in high definition in its catalog in return for a proportionate remuneration.

This agreement covers the uses of Artify until December 31, 2023.


SACD and ADAGP sign contract with Prime Video, Amazon’s video service. (01/26/2021)

SACD and ADAGP today entered into a licensing agreement with Prime Video, Amazon's video service, for its video-on-demand business.

This contract authorizes Prime Video to use the SACD and ADAGP repertoires for the provision of cinematographic and audiovisual works (fiction and animation) and for works of visual art included therein up to end of 2021. It will allow authors to receive fair remuneration for the use of their works, retroactively since the launch of Prime Video in France in December 2016.

SACD, ADAGP and Prime Video have already agreed to enter into early discussions to extend this contract beyond 2021.


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