Congratulations to Robin Cousin, our 2017 graphic novel Revelation !

02 Oct 2017

The ADAGP and the Quai des Bulles Festival have joined forces to support emerging talent in graphic novels. Discover "Le Profil de Jean Merville" by Robin Cousin, published by Flblb.

ADAGP Revelations 2017

In partnership with cultural stakeholders, the ADAGP is awarding seven Revelations prizes to young talents this year, selected by a jury jointly presided by the artists Hervé Di Rosa and Elizabeth Garouste. The artistic disciplines covered are as perse as the ADAGP repertoire: visual arts, photography, design, art books, graphic novels, urban art and digital art.

With each of these Revelations, the ADAGP is asserting its desire to encourage and support emerging creative talent. The winners will be honoured at a special awards ceremony at the CENTQUATRE on 18 January 2018, each receiving a grant from the ADAGP and filmed portraits for Arte to be shown on the Arte Créative website.


The ADAGP "GRAPHIC NOVEL" Revelation 2017, in partnership with Quai des Bulles

The ADAGP / Quai des Bulles revelation aims to promote and encourage the work of young graphic novel artists. They are awarded to writers working or residing in Europe and Switzerland who have published a maximum of three works, including one released between 1 June 2016 and 31 May 2017.

The jury consisting of Pili Munoz, Director of the Maison des auteurs d’Angoulême, Etienne Davodeau, author, and Jean-Christophe Ogier, journalist specialising in graphic novels for France Info, awarded the prize to Robin Cousin for Le Profil de Jean Melville, published by Flblb:

"The story combines a police inquiry with a philosophical investigation. At the heart of this provincial crime novel – small town, minor characters, quiet lives, a drama unfolds with major and planetary implications. It concerns nothing less than the digital revolution and the way in which it weighs upon increasingly on our daily lives and choices. 

With a low key style and quirky and efficient art that is never demonstrative, Robin Cousin calls into question the infamous algorithms that scrutinise, analyse and shape the behaviour of search engine and social network users: that is to say all of us, more or less. 

The 33-year-old artist, passionate about science, attempts to describe our modern era with simple drawings that have a false air of innocence. The contemporary relevance of the themes suits this graphic depiction, the chosen style of the new Franco-Belgian classicism. Here, life takes shape in black and white and dour shades of grey; the consciously artificial colours are reserved for the parallel world of data and online content.

The end result is that once you finish this 200-page graphic novel, you might think twice about turning on your computer.


The €5,000 prize will be awarded at the Quai des Bulles festival in Saint-Malo on Saturday 28 October 2017.