Call for applications - Grant ADAGP & Bétonsalon - art and research center

02 Apr 2021

ADAGP and Bétonsalon are launching a call for applications for the fourth edition of this € 20,000 research and creation grant. Applications close on May 2, 2021.



Linked by common vocations - working as close as possible to artists, highlighting the visual heritage and clearing little-known areas in the history of art - the ADAGP (Society of authors in graphic, plastic and photographic arts) and Bétonsalon have joined forces to create a research grant program aimed at developing the work of an artist working in France, on the circulation and reproduction of images, from the Marc Vaux collection kept at the Kandinsky Library.

This program is designed as an artistic research platform dedicated to the experimentation of non-linear models of production and distribution of knowledge between researchers, contemporary artists, associations, cultural institutions and a large public.



This grant is intended to allow an artist to develop research work over a period of 3 months around questions of representation, production and circulation of images, in connection with the Marc Vaux fund and university research carried out around this funds. These reflections can be part of the field of art (re-reading of art histories, exploration of ignored and marginalized life paths, reflection on the very making of images ...) but also in the wider field of the production of images in a world saturated with information (political, economic, scientific, journalistic ...).

The 20,000 euros of this grant are intended to cover the winner's fees (5,000 €), his/her production (10,000 €) which if necessary, his/her accommodation costs in Paris, as well as the costs of accompanying his project ( € 5,000).



The grant is awarded by an artistic committee made up of professionals from the art world which will meet in June 2021. The research period will take place in the second half of 2021 and will end in January 2022 with a public restitution of the work.



This call is reserved for artists residing or working in France. Applications must be sent from March 16, 2021 and before May 2, 2021 (midnight) and must include a file in PDF format (max size 50 MB) with the title LAST NAME_Firstname_Marc_Vaux and including:

  - A presentation of the candidate's artistic practice (300 words max)

  - A research project for the grant (500 words max)

  - A biography (300 words max) and a CV

  - A portfolio presenting the artist's work

This file must be sent by a large file transfer service to  with the subject: ADAGP grant application - Bétonsalon


Previous winners (ex ADAGP / Villa Vassilieff grant):

Franck Leibovici (2017)

Liv Schulman (2018)

Euridice Zaituna Kala (2019)



Image : Photographie du fonds Marc Vaux © Centre Pompidou –  MNAM CCI – Bibliothèque Kandinsky – Fonds Marc Vaux. Image : Ellie Armon Azoulay.


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