03 May 2019

On the occasion of the 64th Salon de Montrouge, ADAGP is very pleased to announce the winner of the 2019 Visual Arts Revelation 2019.


The Salon de Montrouge, a leading venue for young talents, is an excellent springboard for the young artists. It offers them opportunities, including grants, help with projects, exhibition proposals, prizes and many professional contacts.

For 5 years, ADAGP is associated with the Salon de Montrouge and relies on its exacting pre-selection to distinguish a « Revelation » in the disciplines of visual arts. Through this Revelations, ADAGP encourages emerging talents and the distribution of artists’ work and confirms its commitment to supporting their work.


This year, the jury, co-chaired by the right holder Sylvie Huerre-Debré and the artist Philippe Ramette, and composed of Carole Benkazen (artist), Kenny Dunkan (winner of the 2015 Visual Arts Revelation), Vincent Gonzalvez (head of the Cité internationale des arts residencies), Patrice Joly (editor-in-chief of Zero2) and Kokou Ferdinand Makouvia (winner of the 2017 Visual Arts Revelation) decided to award

Arthur Hoffner.

Born in 1990, this young artist navigates between art and design. Composed maliciously of heteroclites materials, the delicacy of Arthur Hoffner’s sculptures attract attention and suggest a long artistic decantation of flow magic.

The 2019 jury has been impressed by his “disorienting and evident” artwork “which evocate numerous references ( Duchamps or Tati for example) and seems to have a purpose without producing anything. It is an artwork formally very mature, with an astonishing treatment of the materials borrowed from design culture, which augurs promising development.” 

The winner received a prize of 5,000 euros from ADAGP and will have a profile filmed and shown on the Arte website. She will also have the chance to take part in the Biennial of Young European Talent.

The jury ADAGP 2019 (from left to right) in front of Arthur Hoffner’s installation : Kenny Dunkan, Vincent Gonzalvez, Kokou Ferdinand Makouvia, Philippe Ramette, Carole Benzaken et Patrice Joly.
© Adagp, Paris, 2019.