ADAGP Revelation / Quai des Bulles: the 2019 shortlist

18 Jul 2019

The ADAGP / Quai des Bulles comic book revelation aims to highlight and encourage the work of young comic strip writers. 10 authors have been shortlisted for the 2019 Revelation.

The Comic Revelation rewards a complete early career author (script + drawing), working or residing in Europe and Switzerland, having published a maximum of three albums, including one between June 1, 2018 and May 31, 2019.

On June 25, the pre-selection committee selected the following authors:

>  Eric Feres, Sabre, (Dargaud)
>  Stéphane Fert, Peau de mille Bêtes, (Delcourt)
>  Charlie Genmor, Tout va bien, (Delcourt)
>  Luis NCT, Wahcommo, (Le long bec)
> Timothée Ostermann, Carpe Diem, Amour, Spleen et tatouage, (Fluide Glacial)
> Baptiste Pagani, The Golden path, (Ankama éditions)
> Emilie Plateau, Noire, la vie méconnue de Claudette Colvin, (Dargaud)
> Patrice Réglat-Vizzavona, Le passager, Warum
> Chloé Wary, Saison des roses, (Flblb)
> Shyle, Grenadine, (Editions lapin) 


At the end of the selection, a jury of professionals co-chaired by the artists Philippe Ramette and Sylvie Huerre, and composed of

> Chloé CRUCHAUDET, author

> Néjib, winner 2016

> Pierre LUNGHERETTI, General Director of the International City of Comics and Image

> Robin COUSIN, winner 2017

> Vincent BRUNNER, author and journalist


will designate in September the BD 2019 Revelation.

The winner will be celebrated during the next Festival Quai des Bulles, which will take place on 25, 26 and 27 October 2019 and during the great evening of Revelations of the ADAGP, organized at Centquatre - Paris, in January 2020. He will receive a prize 5,000 euros and a portrait filmed and broadcast by Arte. A presentation of his work will also be organized on the walls of the ADAGP.


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