ADAGP Artist's Book Revelation – MAD 2019

03 Jul 2019

On the occasion of the Multiple Art Days Exhibition, the ADAGP Artist's Book Revelation – MAD 2019 prize will be presented to support and promote a publication by a visual artist.
Deadline for applications: 15 July 2019.


In partnership with MAD, ADAGP is launching the fourth edition of the Artist's Book Revelation award, to support and promote current creation in this artistic discipline.

With a €5,000 prize, the presentation of the book on the walls of the ADAGP and a filmed portrait broadcast on the Arte website, this award celebrates an emerging artist on the occasion of Multiple Art Days (MAD), an annual event devoted to contemporary editorial practices.

Under the artistic direction of Sylvie Boulanger (Director of the cneai ​​=) and Michael Woolworth (Director of the Michael Woolworth Workshop), the show will welcome 100 publishers to the 5th edition on 6, 7 & 8 September 2019 at the École internationale des métiers de la culture et du marché de l'art, IESA, Cité Griset (75011):

The shortlist of 20 artist books competing for the prize will be drawn up by the MAD#5 Scientific Committee

The jury for this prize, co-chaired by Philippe Ramette and Sylvie Huerre-Debré, and composed of Benoît Fougeirol (2018 winner), Ingrid Luquet-Gad (art critic), Julie Pellegrin (director of the Ferme du Buisson) and Françoise Pétrovitch (visual artist), will select the 2019 winner.



Emerging artist, early career (no personal exposure in an institution)

Working or residing in Europe / Switzerland

Publication in 2018/2019

15 to 1,000 copies (can be signed and / or numbered)

Off magazines, fanzines, head prints of a current copy



Launch of the call for applications: June 15, 2019

Application deadline: July 15th, 2019

Pre-selection of 20 artist books: July 2019

ADAGP jury meeting: Thursday 5 September

Announcement of the winner during MAD

Exhibition of 20 books of artists pre-selected during MAD from September 6 to 8, 2019 at MAD.


 >>> Apply for the Artist Book Revelation


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