26 Oct 2018

The ADAGP’S Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 18 October. The partners were asked to vote on the transparency report, adopt the general policies and appoint the auditors. They also elected the new board of directors for a period of 3 years.

Marie-Anne Ferry-Fall, Director General, presented the highlights of the company's 2017-2018 activity as well as key figures relating to management of royalties, repertoire and cultural action.


Nearly €37.4 million in royalties collected in 2017 (+2.6%)

In terms of the management of royalties, fiscal year 2017 confirms the good results of recent years, since total collections amounted to more than €37 million, including an increase of 12.3% for royalties invoiced in France.

In France, resale royalty rose by 13.7%, boosted by the dynamism of the art market in France this year. Reproduction rights dropped by 17.7%. Audiovisual rights rose by 12.65%, while multimedia rights remained stable.

Collections from abroad are on the decline, notably for resale royalties (12.68% decrease), primary rights (-24.6%) and collective rights (-42.87%).

The management fee levy rate was 11.7% in 2017.


170,000 artists represented

Between 1 June 2017 and 31 May 2018, the ADAGP welcomed 795 new members.

In addition to its 12,700 direct members, the ADAGP manages the rights of 150,000 members of sister societies abroad and 8,500 photographers through 19 agencies under contract with the ADAGP, that is 170,000 living authors or successions.


A €2 million budget for the ADAGP’s cultural action in 2017

Thanks to the private copying levy, the ADAGP can support and promote creation in all the artistic disciplines that it represents. It encourages and promotes visual artists through actions supporting creativity, dissemination and training.

These actions are implemented either directly by the ADAGP to support and assist visual artists at key moments of their career ("Collection Monographie" grants, "Connexion" grants, Revelations), or by third parties to which it provides financial support (more than 100 events, in Paris and in the region, received support from the ADAGP’s cultural action in 2017).


New graphic charter and new premises for the ADAGP

At the beginning of 2018, the visual identity of the ADAGP was redesigned to highlight the multidisciplinary nature of its repertoire and to anchor, via humorous and committed catchphrases, its active approach to copyrights.

Lastly, in January 2019, the ADAGP and its teams will move to the left bank, at 11 rue Duguay-Trouin – Paris, into larger and more welcoming premises for members and partners, and equipped with a 130-seat auditorium.


As every year, voting could be carried out electronically or in person so as to facilitate the participation of member artists.



Results of the votes:

The activity report for fiscal year 2017-2018 was adopted with 8,849 votes cast.

Detailed results:

- 8,409 “in favour” (95%)

- 14 “against” (0.2%)

- 426 “abstention” (4.8%)


The management report for the 2017 financial year was approved with 8,754 votes cast.

Detailed results:

- 8,201 “in favour” (93;7%)

- 17 “against” (0.2%)

- 536 “abstention” (6.1%)


The distribution of the amounts allocated to cultural action was voted with 8,653 votes cast.

Detailed results:

- 7,631 “in favour” (88;2%)

- 130 “against” (1.5%)

- 892 “abstention” (10.3%)


As a result, the transparency report (consisting of the activity report, the management report and the report on cultural action) was adopted.


The appointment of the permanent auditor (Grant Thornton) was approved with 8,621 votes cast.

Detailed results:

- 7,566 “in favour” (87.8%)

- 16 “against” (0.2%)

- 1,039 “abstention” (12.1%)


The appointment of the deputy auditor (IGEC) was approved with 8,622 votes cast.

Detailed results:

- 7,493 “in favour” (86.9%)

- 36 “against” (0.4%)

- 1,0936 “abstention” (12.7%)


The general policy regarding the distribution of the amounts owed to the partners was approved with 8,565 votes cast.

Detailed results:

- 7,568 “in favour” (88.4%)

- 86 “against” (1%)

- 911 “abstention” (10.6%)


The general policy regarding the use of amounts that cannot be allocated was approved with 8,393 votes cast.

Detailed results:

- 7,027 “in favour” (83;7%)

- 122 “against” (1.5%)

- 1,244 “abstention” (14.8%)


The general investment policy was approved with 8,453 votes cast.

Detailed results:

- 7,175 “in favour” (84.9%)

- 110 “against” (1.3%)

- 1,168 “abstention” (13.8%)


The general policy regarding deductions on revenues from the exploitation of rights was approved with 8,439 votes cast.

Detailed results:

- 7,149 “in favour” (84.;7%)

- 159 “against” (1.9%)

- 1,131 “abstention” (13.4%)


Election of Board of Directors members.  The 16 elected members of the board of directors are:

- Jean-Michel ALBEROLA

 - Daniel BUREN

 - Gustave DE STAËL VON HOLSTEIN (Nicolas DE STAËL succession)

 - Sylvie DEBRE-HUERRE (Olivier DEBRE succession)


 - Hervé DI ROSA

 - Elizabeth GAROUSTE

 - Christian JACCARD

 - Marc JEANCLOS (Georges JEANCLOS succession)

- Christine MANESSIER (Alfred MANESSIER succession)


 - Meret MEYER (Marc CHAGALL succession)

 - Alexis POLIAKOFF (Serge POLIAKOFF succession)

 - Joan PUNYET MIRÓ (Joan MIRÓ succession)

 - Philippe RAMETTE

 - Antoine SCHNECK