Join as a rights-holder


Before you start

Please prepare the following documents to be provided in digital format (JPG, PDF or PNG):

  • a copy of your identity card
  • your bank account details (BIC and IBAN)
  • documentation of your creations (a few pictures for each artistic activity)
  • a list of your main exhibitions and/or publications (press or book)

For the heirs or legatees of an artist: a copy of the estate probate or certificate of devolution drawn up by the notary who settled the artist's estate.

For the assignees of an artist's rights: a copy of the signed assignment contract and a summary of the deceased artist's work.

Membership criteria:

1/ You own the copyright of an artist-author of original graphic, plastic and/or photographic artworks 

2/ The administration of the copyright has not been entrusted to to another artists’ society for the same artistic activities

3/ You can demonstrate a significant use of at least five works by the artist: exhibition in museums or cultural institutions, publication in books or magazines, broadcasting, or sales on the art market. 

A question ?

Do not hesitate to contact the ADAGP before making your membership application.

Contact the adhesion departement