Panorama exception : now more than ever, we have to act!

03 Jul 2015

Ask your MPs to protect your rights

It is not to late to do something about it. The vote about panorama exception will take place next week.

Let's tweet!
On tweeter, an aggressive campaign was launched for the adoption of generalized panorama exception.
You don't need to participate to sterile debates, but you can make your voice be heard:

As an author, I fight for freedom but I refuse the commercial use of my works without my authorisation! #FoP
Je suis auteur, je défends la liberté mais refuse l’exploitation commerciale de mes œuvres sans autorisation ! #FoP

Defend access to culture means also defend the rights of the authors! I support MEP @JeanMarieCAVADA in his fight #FoP
Défendre l’accès à la culture c’est aussi défendre les droits des auteurs ! Je soutiens @JeanMarieCAVADA dans son combat #FoP

Write to your MPs!
1 – copy the object and the text in an e-mail
2 – Precise your name, last name and artistic activity
3 – copy the adresses of the MPs working on the subject in the field « Cc »
To obtain the list of the MPs click here.
4 – send it !

Subject : Authors and artists against the generalised freedom of panorama

We, professional authors and artists working in France,
We, european professional authors and artists,
We want to keep control on the commercial uses of our artworks and we are against their changing, spoling and use to advertising purposes for causes or products that we do not support.
Dear MPs, please do not generalize exceptions in Europe, maintain the status quo by preserving the diversity of legislations in the member states.
Yours gratefully,

(Name – Artistic activity)


Objet : Les artistes auteur(e)s contre l’exception de panorama
(english version below)

Nous, artistes auteur(e)s professionnel(les) exerçant en France,
Nous, artistes auteur(e)s européen(ne)s,
Nous voulons pouvoir continuer à contrôler les utilisations commerciales de nos œuvres et nous refusons de les voir modifiées, dénaturées, utilisées à des fins publicitaires pour des causes ou des produits que nous ne cautionnons pas.
Madame la Députée, Monsieur le Député, n'harmonisez pas les exceptions en Europe, conservez le status quo en préservant la diversité des législations actuelles dans les Etats membres.
Avec nos sincères remerciements.
(votre nom – votre activité professionnelle)


To learn more about panorama exception:

Urgent - Panorama exception
All you have ever wanted to know about panorama exception


Urgent - Panorama exception

Urgent - Panorama exception

Artists, you can act. Tell you MPs to confirme the JURI report!

The past 16th of June, we won an important battle for the defence of copyright: the Reda report has been almost unanimously modified by the Committee on Legal Affairs of the European Parliament. Henceforth it prescribes that anywhere in Europe, ones recognise the necessity to get an authorization of the authors, when theirs works located in the public space (architecture, sculptures, frescos, stencils, graffs…) are used for commercial issues.

This principle is already recognised in 16 of the 28 European countries, as France Italy, Spain, Belgium…

On the 9th of July, the European Parliament will have to reach a decision on plenary session. With this deadline in mind, Mrs Reda agitates the Internet community in order to counter the vote of the Committee on Legal Affairs and create an exception of panorama, led by the Pirate Party.

That is why it is needed that artists take action for the defence of their rights and ask to all the European deputies to corroborate the vote of the Committee on Legal Affairs.

The Pirate Party agitates numerous fantasies. For instance it affirms that without the exception of panorama, taking pictures of artworks located in the public space would be forbidden, and that Internet users could not upload them on social media anymore. That is wrong. Anyone can witness that today, numerous artworks – and not only some from the public space – are uploaded by citizens on their social networks accounts and personal profiles and that no one has ever been sued for doing that. The vote of the Committee of Legal Affairs does not question these practices. It is wrong to say that it is freedom-destroying.

The Pirate Party goes even further: it ask for the modifications of the artworks and their commercial use to be out of control of the authors!

Artists, you can help: contact the European MEPs, from all political sides and from all countries, to keep controlling the commercial uses of your artworks and assert your refusal to see them modified, denatured and used for advertisements for causes of products that you do not support.