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MARINE PEIXOTO - 2021 Photography Revelation

MARINE PEIXOTO -  2021 Photography Revelation

The Photography Revelation - LE BAL / ADAGP Young Creation Prize is intended for photographers and videographers under the age of 40. He will accompany the winner for two years in the realization of her creation project.




The jury chaired by Diane Dufour, director of BAL, was made up of: Fannie Escoulen, Head of the photography department at the Ministry of Culture; Valérie Belin, photographer, member of ADAGP; Matthieu Pernot, photographer, member of ADAGP; Florian Ebner, Director of the photography office of the Center Pompidou; Véronique Souben, Director of Frac Normandie; Jérôme Sother, Director of the Gwinzegal Art Center (Guingamp); Hugues Aubry, patron. This year the pre-jury was made up of Taous Dahmani, photography historian and Pierre Hourquet, co-founder of TEMPLE.
In 2021, the jury chose to reward:
for his creation project "De la force"
Sans-titre, parc de Bercy, Paris, 2021 © Marine Peixoto / ADAGP, Paris, 2021
DE LA FORCE In Bercy, we practice sport as we like, close to what we are, in a movement of great independence. You turn grief into anger, anger into kilojoules, the energy it takes to build and rebuild. Invited in 2020 by Medhy to photograph the Bercy Street Workout group, Marine Peixoto discovers people with whom she has, a priori, nothing in common but in whom she recognizes herself and who do recognize her. "I do not benefit from any" street credibility ", I am a woman, white, from Montpellier, who mainly photographs her mother at the beach, in the kitchen or in the office, horses and bulls from the Camargue. What I'm trying to "resolve" here is closer to personal issues than political, closer to existence than to ideas. My work questions abandonment, emotional gulfs, destitution and the revenge to be taken. How do we choose to exist according to the cards we are given. What do we do with what we have? "
MARINE PEIXOTO was born in 1984 in Montpellier and graduated from the National School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg (HEAR). Marine Peixoto is an artist who looks at life as a genre scene. She captures the habits and rituals of the people around her, familiar or folkloric scenes, assuming the subjectivity of her position. Using mainly photography, video and editing to document one's immediate surroundings, the resulting series of images are most often made visible in self-published publications such as Puncho (2020), Chaussons Cigarettes (2019) or Café Dosette (2019). She has signed monographic exhibitions in Glassbox, Paris (Paëlla Géante, 2018) and in Glassbox Sud, Montpellier (Toast in the summer of 2019, 2019) and has also taken part in group exhibitions including Futur, ancien, fugitif at the Palais de Tokyo in 2019. She taught at the Fine Arts of Marseille at the European School of Image of Angoulême in 2020-2021. Along with these activities, she works in a duo with artist and photographer Clara Prioux under the name Prioux & Peixoto.
His project De la force will be exhibited at BAL in 2023 and accompanied by a publication. Marine Peixoto receives an endowment of 20,000 euros which will enable her to carry out her project. It will also benefit from a portrait filmed and broadcast on the Arte site and a presentation on the walls of the ADAGP.
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