€174 M of fees collected by CISAC in 2016 for visual arts

20 Nov 2017

CISAC has just published its 2016 global collections report.

In their entirety, the 2016 global collections have reached a new high of 9.2 billion euros (10.1 billion dollars), equal to an increase of 6% compared to the previous year. The global collections have been on the rise for three years and have increased by 19% compared to 2012.
Regarding the visual arts register, the figures show a slight decrease of -4.2% with €174 M of fees collected in 2016 (equal to 1.9% of total collections). All the same, this represents an increase of 40% since 2012.
The resale right represents a substantial source of income. This right has increased by 25% during the last five years and has reached €43 million. Nevertheless, in some of the world's most important markets (United States, Japan, Switzerland and China), creators do not always benefit from a resale right. 
A universal resale right is necessary to ensure that visual artists receive fair treatment. As the CISAC Vice President and visual artist Miquel Barcelo explains: "It is not enough for governments to act by themselves. Artists today work in a global world, so international rules are needed. This is why it has been so important to see this initiative gain momentum all around the world."  
Introducing the 2017 report, the Director General of CISAC, Gadi Oron, stated: "This 2017 report shows that the system of collective management of creators’ rights is robust, successful and ready for more growth. The big traditional revenue streams, led by broadcast and live performance, remain stable and strong.  Digital royalties continue to surge rising by 51% compared with the previous year. CISAC’s member societies continue to drive income growth in a relentless effort to become more efficient and more innovative." 
"Despite this growth, collections are nowhere near the level they should be. The large industries that use and profit from creative works are working to drive down the value of creative content", determines Jean-Michel Jarre, President of CISAC.
CISAC's global network comprising 239 member societies, issues licences to users and collects fees on behalf of four million creators from all artistic repertoires: television, radio, background music, live music, digital, private copying among and others.