Connexion grants: the 2020 winners

17 Dec 2020

Théo Mercier's exhibition "Outremonde" carried by the Lambert Collection and the group exhibition "Fekete és Piros" carried by the Syndicat Potentiel will benefit from the support of the Connection 2020 grant for their roaming, respectively in Finland and Hungary.




The influence of the French artistic scene is one of the essential challenges of ADAGP's cultural action.

The Connexion grant, made up of two endowments of 30,000 euros, is aimed at French public or private venues (museums, art centers, FRAC, artist-run spaces, etc.), which organize exhibitions by artists from the French scene in all disciplines of the visual arts, in co-production or on tour with one or more foreign institutions.

The 2020 jury was made up of Gaël Charbau (art critic and curator), artists Fabrice Hyber and Eva Jospin, Philippe Régnier (editorial director of The Art Newspaper), Béatrice Salmon (director of Cnap) and Valérie Vesque-Jencard (Honorary Director General of the Rmn-GP).

By awarding the two grants, the members of the jury wished to support artists of different generations but also to accompany, as in 2018, a solo show exhibition and a collective exhibition. Their choice fell towards daring and committed proposals both socially and artistically.


The 2020 winners are:


Monographic exhibition by Théo Mercier "Outremonde" carried by the Lambert Collection

July-September 2021 in Avignon

Spring 2022 at the Center Pompidou

June 2022 at the Luma Westbau Art Center (Zurich, Switzerland)


On the occasion of the 71st edition of the Avigon Theater Festival, Théo Mercier is invited to the Lanbert Collection. He will offer "Outremonde", a veritable biotope organized around a double arrangement of exhibition-decor and spectacle. The artist plans to create an archaeological landscape of mutant and evolving sculptures, from natural and artificial elements that turn into a closed circuit. The project was designed for roaming and to enter into constant resonance with different territories, spaces, languages, eras and bodies.



Collective exhibition "Fekete és Piros (Noires et Rouges 2)" carried by the Syndicat Potentiel

Spring 2021 at the Telep gallery (Budapest, Hungary)


Le Syndicat Potentiel is extending its reflection on the Spanish Civil War, initiated in 2019 by the artists Roberto Martinez and Antonio Gallego in the exhibition "Noires et Rouges et autres brigades 1". The place of art invites contemporary artists to question current struggles for democracy as artists faced with political conflicts at the start of the 20th century were able to do in their time.



About the Lambert Collection

The Lambert Collection in Avignon is a unique contemporary art museum, born on the initiative of an art and collection dealer, Yvon Lambert who donated to the State an exceptional set of major works of the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. Housed in two magnificent 18th century mansions in the heart of Avignon, the Lambert Collection presents ambitious exhibitions and a varied cultural and educational program for everyone, with the support of the State, the City of Avignon, the Region, the Department and private patrons. Learn more


About the Syndicat Potentiel

The Syndicat Potentiel is a space for creation, meetings and artistic experiences. It was founded in 1992 by an association of artists with the aim of constituting a space independent contemporary art show in Strasbourg. For nearly 30 years, the annual programming of exhibitions animates the place, involving visual artists, collectives, associations, artistic networks and multiple and varied partnerships. Learn more



Created in 1953, ADAGP is the French society for collecting and distributing copyright in the field of graphic and plastic arts. With a global network of nearly 50 sister companies, it now represents more than 190,000 authors in all visual arts disciplines: painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, design, comics, manga, illustration, street art, digital creation, video art.

ADAGP encourages the creative scene by initiating and / or financially supporting projects that promote the visual arts and ensure their promotion on a national and international scale.


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