The 2017 Urban art Revelation ADAGP / Palais de Tokyo awarded to Paul Loubet

20 Nov 2017

The ADAGP and the Palais de Tokyo have chosen this artist who, through his very personal world, introduces a new slant on traditional mural painting that plays on codes and scales with real originality.



ADAGP Revelations 2017

In partnership with cultural stakeholders, the ADAGP is awarding seven Revelations prizes to young talents this year, selected by a jury jointly presided by the artists Hervé Di Rosa and Elizabeth Garouste. The artistic disciplines covered are as perse as the ADAGP repertoire: visual arts, photography, design, art books, graphic novels, urban art and digital art.

With each of these Revelations, the ADAGP is asserting its desire to encourage and support emerging creative talent. The winners will be honoured at a special awards ceremony at the CENTQUATRE on 18 January 2018, each receiving a grant from the ADAGP and filmed portraits for Arte to be shown on the Arte Créative website. 


The ADAGP 2017 "Urban Art" Revelation, in partnership with Palais de Tokyo

The ADAGP Revelation/Palais de Tokyo aims to develop and encourage the work of young urban art talent that has recently entered the public arena.

The jury made up of the artist Jean Faucheur, the curator of the Palais de Tokyo Adelaïde Blanc and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Télé Olivier Granoux, accompanied by the rapporteur Hugo Vitrani, decided to commend Paul Loubet:

"This prize will allow you to discover an active artist with a relatively low profile: this artist introduces a new slant on traditional mural painting with a design quality that conveys elements of graphic expression. Paul Loubet offers real originality through his innovative graphic style. An unclassifiable artist on the urban scene, he breaks the codes of muralism, plays on scales and lets us into his own very private world, through his expressive style filled with numerous references (video games, tapestry etc.). His abstract work is reminiscent of Miró. It is a real Revelation." 

The jury moreover gave special distinction to the artist Roti, paying tribute to "the multiple methods of intervention": "The generosity of his proposal counterbalances his rather sombre world, which is strongly inspired by Eastern culture. Roti has highly promising prospects for the future. In constant movement, he takes urban art to new levels, with his breath-taking design quality. He is a complex artist in the purest sense of the term, whom we are sure to hear more from".

In addition to a €5,000 grant, the Urban Art Revelation also offers its winner the opportunity to benefit from an intervention at the Palais de Tokyo within the framework of the Lasco Project.