The 2016 Artist’s Book Young Talent Revelation prize was awarded to Isabelle Le Minh on 29 September at the MAD Art Fair

25 Oct 2016

After the Young Talent Revelation prize in the Plastic Arts category presented at the Salon de Montrouge in May, ADAGP has awarded the Young Talent Revelation prize for the first year in the Artist’s Book category at the second edition of the MAD art fair held at the maison rouge.





Far more than just a fair, MAD, curated by Sylvie Boulanger, Director of the Centre National Edition Art Image (CNEAI) and Michael Woolworth, Director of Atelier Woolworth, is the annual gathering devoted to contemporary publishing practices in the field of art editions, with exhibits over the entire space of the maison rouge.


The purpose of this prize is to promote and discover contemporary creation in this artistic discipline.

A shortlist of twenty from over a hundred applications was preselected by MAD’s scientific committee consisting of collectors, artists and art and publishing professionals.


At this first edition, the jury, jointly chaired by Hervé Di Rosa (artist) and Meret Meyer (Vice-President of the Marc Chagall Committee), with Jean Le Gac (artist), Antoine de Galbert (President of la maison rouge – Fondation Antoine de Galbert) and Fabrice Bousteau (Editor of Beaux-Arts Magazine), was delighted to honour Isabelle Le Minh for “La dioptrique des cartes de visite”.


It is a fine piece of documentary research work on carte-de-visite portraits invented by Eugène Disderi in 1854. This book-object is representative of the work of this artist who seeks to ask reflexive questions of the photograph. She thus probes the stereotype of carte-de-visite portraits which all had the same format.

By enlarging and then scrolling them based on a principle of unfolding and mirrors, she forms in a way a film reflecting society at the time in which the reader enters and interacts through the play of mirrors.

This book, of great aesthetic quality, also includes a series of inserts in coloured tracing paper giving texts to read by Descartes and Eugène Disderi which shed light on the portraits.

These can be considered true paintings, representative of a time that may remind us of the present.


The prize-winner will receive an endowment from ADAGP and have her portrait filmed by Arte and presented on the Arte Creative website.


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