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What is the Maison des Artistes ?

Created in 1952, La Maison des Artistes is the biggest association for artists in the visual arts and creators of graphic and plastic works active in France. Working from its head office, its role is to manage the social security of such artists/authors as well as other general interest activities, in order to improve their professional status: benefits, legal aid, assistance with accounting, protection of professional “status”, etc..

La Maison des Artistes is approved by the Government to manage the social security coverage of artists/creators of graphic and plastic works. This specific role is performed by administrative social security offices under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Social Affairs in France.

The tax and social security system for artists/authors is a compulsory declaration-based system for all sums received. Anyone living in France selling his/her works is required to contact the Social Security Service of the Maison des Artistes to get a social security identification number and submit a declaration to his/her local Centre de Formalités des Entreprises URSSAF which will issue a tax identification no. through INSEE (even if he/she also benefits from another social security system and another tax system). Failing this, his/her activities may be classed as concealed trading acts. According to the annual return of the Social Security Service of the Maison des Artistes, the artist/author is governed by or affiliated to the social security system for artists/authors. If the income concerned is lower than the annually revised affiliation threshold, he/she can make an exceptional application for affiliation to the Professional Commission. 

Activities within the scope of graphic and plastic arts branch :
Drawings; paintings; engravings; illustrations; prints; lithographs; sculptures; installations; video art… ; tapestries and wall textiles; mock-ups of original designs for textiles, paper, table arts… ; mosaics and stained glass; graphic creations; and one-off ceramic creations, enamelwork on copper.

For any additional information, contact :
Tel.: 01 53 35 83 63
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The supplementary pension is covered by IRCEC.
The Association de La Maison des Artistes offers a legal advisory service to members of the association.