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Camille Claudel


Adagp manages authors’ rights for Camille Claudel's works regarding the following uses

  • Reproduction rights (books, posters, merchandising, postcards, leaflets, magazines and press, DVD etc..)

  • Rights of public communication (public exhibition, TV, movies, internet etc..)

  • Resale Rights (auctions and galleries sales)

  • Cable and satellite distribution

  • Private copying

  • Photocopying

  • Public lending

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Special cases, exceptions

  • L'Adagp ne gère pas les droits de l'œuvre "La jeune fille à la Gerbe"

    L'adagp ne gère pas les droits des lettres de Camille Claudel reproduites dans le livre « Camile Claudel Correspondance »

The above mentioned data are given at indicative purposes only. They are possibly subject to being updated or amended by special instructions. ADAGP departments remain at your disposal for any additional information you could require.