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I am a publisher. When will I receive the permission I need ?

You must send Adagp a request for prior permission by using the online form or sending your request to us at the following address :

Your request must include the following information :
- description of medium on which you want to reproduce one or more works
- circulation and format of medium
- date of publication
- retail price if it is a sold product
- list of works you want to reproduce (name of artist and title of work)
- if you already know: formats of reproductions and placement (inside or cover)

A layout is required in the majority of cases. If you want to modify the work (re-framing, reproduction of a detail, superimposing), please inform us as soon as possible.

After receiving this information, Adagp sends your request on to its artists/beneficiaries, when this is required by the use, to obtain their consent to your project. This can obviously take some time which we ask you to take into account. So we can handle your requests as efficiently as possible, please contact us well in advance of your project.

After obtaining the consent of the artist/beneficiary concerned, we will send you a reproduction permission or an agreement according to the nature of your request.

You can check the Adagp schedules at any time.

You must also confirm the final number of copies published when sending the proof. This will allow us to check that what you have produced corresponds to the permission granted and invoice the corresponding royalties. You are required to pay our invoices in the times indicated on them.

For certain types of use, the royalties are, in accordance with the law, calculated on the basis of a percentage of sales. You will be asked for a statement of sales for the invoicing of royalties.