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ADAGP Images is the image bank designed to promote and distribute the works of ADAGP artists, both in France and in other countries.

Participate in ADAGP Images

ADAGP Images is more than a showcase for your works: it also allows you to provide HD digital files of your creations to any professional user who requests them. It gives you control over the quality of the images and guarantees you will get paid for the use of your works.  

The number of images is limited to 50 per artist. Start with a representative sample of your works and consider adding new works over time.

Artist Rightholder

Advice no. 1:

Technical features of HD digital files: 

  • Tiff format, 
  • minimum 3000 x 4000 pixels i.e. 12 million pixels, 
  • 300 DPI, 
  • RGB color space (original, not augmented after the fact).
Artist Rightholder

Advice no. 2:

Photos must focus on the unframed work on a neutral background. Pay attention to the light, avoid poor lighting, flash bursts, reflections, dominant colors and blurry pictures.

Send your HD files

  1. Log in to your Member Area
  2. Upload your digital files (check the technical specs!)
  3. Provide the captions of the works
  4. All you have to do is wait! ADAGP takes care of the rest: our professional graphic designer checks and corrects your images, and our picture researcher indexes them.
  5. You will receive an email confirming your publication a few weeks later.

You can also send your photographic documents (files, ektachromes) by mail, accompanied by the participation form, completed and signed.

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