The AIR database


AIR (Automated Image Recognition) is a tool for tracing works in the digital environment. 

This database uses digital fingerprinting technology and allows ADAGP to better manage copyright. To be efficient, this tool requires a database of images of works that is as exhaustive as possible. 

Understanding the AIR project

How to upload your images to the database?

To enable ADAGP to manage your rights more efficiently in the digital environment, upload images of your works directly to your Member Area. They will then be added to the database of digital prints.


Upload your images into the Member Area (minimum format 500 pixels x 500 pixels; jpeg or png)

Download the Excel spreadsheet for the identification of your artworks, to be completed carefully by you

Send the image files and the Excel spreadsheet by WeTransfer


The database is not used to distribute or commercialise the images, but only to "trace" them in the digital world and thus to better protect the copyright on your works.

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Supplementing the AIR database

Upload your images to the Member Area (minimum format 500 pixels x 500 pixels; jpeg or png). 

The more images of your work are included in the database, the more it will help you receive royalties.