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How to benefit from Social Security coverage ?

Information can be obtained from the Maison des Artistes for creators of plastic art and AGESSA for photographers, illustrators, creators of audiovisual works and writers of software.

Maison des Artistes :

Activities within the scope of graphic and plastic arts branch :
Pictures; paintings; collages; engravings; prints; original lithographs; original productions of statuary art or sculpture in all materials; casts of sculptures; installations; video art… ; tapestries and textiles; models of frescos; mosaics and stained glass; creations by graphic designers intended to convey a visual message in all areas of economic, social and cultural life; and one-off ceramic works.


AGESSA is responsible for the affiliation to the general Social Security system of artists/authors performing one of the following activities : 
Photographer; writer; illustrator of literary and scientific works distributed via publishing; creator of theatrical, film, audiovisual, choreographic or pantomime works; writers of musical compositions with or without words; and writers of software.