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Video producer, performer, installation designer

Are you a video producer, performer, installation designer ?

Your works are used on the internet, on television or in an advertising campaign... and you want to receive the royalties you’re entitled to ?

Are your videos, performances or installations sold at auction or in galleries and you are entitled to the resale royalty ?

Sign up to ADAGP and get the royalties you’re entitled to

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By signing up, you give us responsibility for drawing up and negotiating agreements assigning your rights with publishers or producers, monitoring the use of your works and invoicing the corresponding amounts.
For the art market, you appoint us to collect and pay you the resale royalty.

Read the sections below to find out what ADAGP can do for you :


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Primary reproduction and public communication royalties

ADAGP collects reproduction and public communication royalties for the artists it represents, regardless of the mode of use :

• television

• internet

• exhibition, public venue…
• public showing
• books, catalogues, magazines...

• merchandising items
• interactive media: DVDs, ebooks, digital tablets, mobile phones,..
• advertising: posters, packaging, adverts,...

Like for SACEM with music, anyone using artists’ works must apply to Adagp for authorisation and not the artist directly. For certain uses, authorisation will not be given by ADAGP without consulting you.

As a collecting society, ADAGP does not manage any rights assignment agreements you might have signed prior to becoming a member.

Rights under compulsory collective management, called collective rights

Legislation has provided for the compulsory collective management of certain artists’ rights when the artist cannot act directly to assert them. In effect, private individuals download and copy works onto blank media, borrow books from the library or photocopy works for their own private use and it is not practically possible for each of these activities to be authorised in advance. The artists involved must be paid for such uses and the law has placed these rights under collective management. Therefore, they cannot be individually negotiated or assigned between artists and users and you cannot collect the royalties yourself, only collecting societies like ADAGP can pay them to you.

Collective rights include :

• reprographics (royalties for photocopying of works published in books or the media, collected from schools, companies, photocopying services, etc...)
• library lending right (sums collected from libraries and the government)
• private copying (recording and downloading of images by private individuals on blank DVDs, USB sticks, external hard drives, tablets, telephones and other digital media) 
• cable TV broadcasting.

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Resale royalty

Are your works circulating on the art market ? If so, you can benefit from the resale royalty.

The resale royalty is paid to creators of original graphic, plastic and photographic artworks each time their works are sold on by an art market professional (public auctions, gallery, etc) so artists and their heirs can benefit from changes in the value of the works. The resale royalty is calculated according to a reducing percentage of 4 to 0.25%, according to the sale price of the work. It is limited to 12,500 Euros.

ADAGP has been accredited by the French Culture Ministry to receive information on sales from art market professionals. For non-member artists, ADAGP is tasked to find them to inform them that they are entitled to the resale royalty.

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Collecting your royalties

We collect your royalties for you and pay them to you every six months or annually, after the deduction of our costs.

Since ADAGP is a non-profit organisation, the deduction from royalties is only used to cover our costs. Sums are paid with a statement indicating the provenance of the royalties.

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ADAGP Image Bank

At the request of artists seeking greater transparency and given the difficulty users have in accessing quality images, ADAGP set up a Modern and Contemporary Art Image Bank in 2001. This collection can be consulted for free (without registering) on: ADAGP Images.

The website is regularly added to and currently has almost 20,000 images of all categories of works (paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, posters). 
Works by famous artists (such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Marc Chagall and René Magritte) and other artists (whose works are not often reproduced due to lack of documents in photo libraries) are reviving the iconography of art. Therefore, ADAGP Images is allowing some people to get themselves known and others to widen the choice of works that can be reproduced.

>> Participate in the Image Bank

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Defending and promoting copyright

The ADAGP also works to protect the pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests of artists nationally and internationally. To achieve this, it is a member of the following organisations in particular:

- Association Française pour la Protection Internationale du Droit d’Auteur (AFPIDA),
Coalition Française pour la Diversité Culturelle,
- Conseil permanent des Ecrivains (CPE),
- Conseil Supérieur de la Propriété Littéraire et Artistique (CSPLA),
- European Visual Artists (EVA),
- Groupement Européen des Sociétés d’Auteurs et Compositeurs (GESAC),
- Confédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Auteurs et Compositeurs (CISAC).

ADAGP’s cultural actions

Thanks to the sums allocated by law to cultural actions (25% of private copying levy mainly), ADAGP can provide funding for actions supporting creation, distribution, promotion and training.

ADAGP subsidises shows and exhibitions in Paris and the regions to promote artists. It also grants subsidies to organisations protecting or providing information about copyright.

The allocation of sums is decided by the cultural action commission appointed by the board of directors and subject to the approval of the annual general meeting of ADAGP.

>> See list of events and organisations supported by ADAGP.

Registering a work

ADAGP does not provide a service for registering works. There are no legal formalities for protecting a work in France.

However, it may be useful to register your work to prove any infringements. 

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