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Are you a photo agency ?

As a photo agency, you sign rights assignments agreements with your photographers and with the users of images (publisher, press agency, record company, producer, advertising agency…).

For comprehensive management of your rights, sign up to ADAGP so that all your agency`s photographers can receive their collective royalties.

Read the sections below to find out what ADAGP can do for you :

Rights under compulsory collective management, called collective rights

Legislation has provided for the compulsory collective management of certain artists’ rights when the artist is not practically able to act directly to assert them and has entrusted their management to collecting societies. Therefore, such rights cannot be individually negotiated or assigned between artists and users. This relates to the audiovisual and digital private copying levy, photocopying royalties, cable television and the library lending royalty.

• Private copying levy

This levy is paid by the manufacturers of blank media (DVDs, USB keys, memory cards, external hard drives, decoders, smartphones, tablets…) for copies of works made by private individuals for their own private use from the internet, television, scanners. The amount of the private copying levy is negotiated on the basis of studies on how copies are used, by the representatives of the beneficiaries, manufacturers and consumers under the aegis of an administrative committee of which ADAGP is a member. Royalties are also distributed on the basis of statistical studies determining the categories of images copied (photographs, cartoons, paintings, drawings).

• Cable TV broadcasting

Compulsory collective management of simultaneous entire broadcasting of works without modification by cable has existed since 1997. ADAGP is accredited to manage the rights for graphic and plastic artworks inserted into audiovisual works that are broadcast by cable in this way.

• Photocopying

Legislation has provided for the management of the right for artists to receive payment for the photocopying of their works published in books and in the press. The royalty is collected from schools, companies, copying services, etc. by the Centre Français d’exploitation du droit de Copie (CFC) of which ADAGP is founding member and administrator. It is distributed to creators of visual arts via Societe des Arts Visuels Associés (AVA), chaired and managed by ADAGP.

• Public lending royalty

In 2003, legislation was passed establishing a collective management system by which authors receive a royalty for books borrowed from a public library. Sofia, a society for written works consisting of writers and publishers, has been accredited to collect the public lending royalty on books and pays it to ADAGP for its members.

Payment of collective royalties

We collect your collective royalties for you and pay them to you annually, after the deduction of our costs.

Since ADAGP is a non-profit organisation, the deduction from royalties is only used to cover our costs. Sums are paid with a statement indicating the provenance of the royalties.

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Defending and promoting copyright

The ADAGP also works to protect the pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests of artists nationally and internationally. To achieve this, it is a member of the following organisations in particular:

- Association Française pour la Protection Internationale du Droit d’Auteur (AFPIDA),
Coalition Française pour la Diversité Culturelle,
- Conseil permanent des Ecrivains (CPE),
- Conseil Supérieur de la Propriété Littéraire et Artistique (CSPLA),
- European Visual Artists (EVA),
- Groupement Européen des Sociétés d’Auteurs et Compositeurs (GESAC),
- Confédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Auteurs et Compositeurs (CISAC).

ADAGP’s cultural actions

Thanks to the sums allocated by law to cultural actions (25% of private copying levy mainly), ADAGP can provide funding for actions supporting creation, distribution, promotion and training.

ADAGP subsidises shows and exhibitions in Paris and the regions to promote artists. It also grants subsidies to organisations protecting or providing information about copyright.

The allocation of sums is decided by the cultural action commission appointed by the board of directors and subject to the approval of the annual general meeting of ADAGP.

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How to sign up to ADAGP ?

To sign up, you must complete and sign the application form below and post it back to us, along with:
- a copy of your company registration certificate

- additional agreement
- bank details
- a cheque for €15.24 (representing one share, payable to ADAGP – payable once only, with no annual renewal)

>> Download application form for collective rights management

Please contact beforehand at 33 (0)1 43 59 09 79 and she will provide you with a complete file as well as with the additional agreement in the membership act.

 Return the documentation to:

Service Adhésion


11, rue Berryer
75008 PARIS

Or get further information about the formalities of signing up on: or 33 (0)1 43 59 09 79