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The services ADAGP provides vary according to whether you are :


Are you an art photographer ?

Are your works shown in galleries ? Are your original photographs circulating on the art market or reproduced in the newspapers, magazines or books ? 

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Are you an agency or freelance photographer, press or news photographer, general illustration, fashion, advertising or set photographer or a photographer of artworks? Are your works used on CD cases or DVD jackets ?  

For these occupations, artists manage the reproduction of their photographs directly with their publishers or media agencies, advertising agencies, record companies etc. They enter into rights assignment agreements and receive their royalties directly which means they cannot sign up to ADAGP for reproduction and public communication rights, called “primary rights”.

However, you can sign up to ADAGP to receive your “collective royalties” and, where applicable, your resale royalty. So you’ll receive your collective royalties while continuing to negotiate your contracts directly without ADAGP being involved.

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Are you a photo agency ?

As a photo agency, you sign rights assignments agreements with your photographers and with the users of images (publisher, press agency, record company, producer, advertising agency…).

For comprehensive management of your rights, sign up to ADAGP so that all your agency`s photographers can receive their collective royalties.

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