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Cultural actions

ADAGP plays a cultural role by funding projects intended to raise the profile of visual arts and promote them with the public nationally and internationally. It also pays a contribution to the continuing development fund for artists.

Cultural actions are financed by the sums collected for the private copying levy, a quarter of which is dedicated to such actions in accordance with the provisions of article L. 321-9 of the French intellectual property code.

Voted on annually by the ADAGP general meeting, the subsidies support :

- many shows and events such as ComparaisonsFILAFNuit BlancheMac ParisPromenades photographiques de VendômeLe Salon de Montrouge, Réalités nouvellesRencontres de la photographie d’ArlesSalon d’AutomneBiennale Internationale Design Saint EtienneSalon des artistes françaisSalon des artistes orléanaisSalon du dessin et de la peinture à l’eauSalon des indépendantsSalon de la Société nationale des Beaux-ArtsItinérairesPuls’art, etc.

Exhibitions in Palais de Tokyo, BAL, Centquatre, in altrnative places with Cnap (Programme Suite)

- the production by Arte Creativ of thirty films per year on contemporary artists (“Atelier A”),

- the ADAGP Image Bank, which currently holds over twenty thousand works,

- the fund financing continuing development for artists,

- the TRAM network and its 30 contemporary art venues,

- the actions of associations such as Maison des artistesCharte des auteurs et illustrateurs jeunesse, Maison des auteurs d’Angoulême, …

- the publication of information leaflets for artists (“Le contrat commenté” published by SNAC for the comic strip artists, “Le contrat dont vous êtes le héros” published by the Charte des Illustrateurs …),

- the organisation of conferences related to the protection of creation and copyright, etc…

ADAGP is a member of the association “La culture avec la copie privée”, which has a register of some 5,000 cultural events financed annually by collecting societies thanks to the private copying levy.