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Collecting and distributing royalties

With the multiplication of modes and forms of use, it has become extremely difficult for an isolated artist to individually manage his/her rights. With books, reproduction in the press, gallery sales, sale of merchandise, television or video on demand, publication on websites or sharing platforms, the artist cannot control everything or collect royalties for each use of his/her work.


By pooling means of collection and control, collective management societies can manage artists’ rights efficiently. As far as “collective” rights are concerned, it is the law itself that appoints a collecting society to collect and distribute them.


ADAGP takes care of all royalty collecting operations for its members : granting permission, invoicing, reminders, collection, etc. It manages all rights acknowledged to be held by artists, in France and abroad :

- resale right (gallery sales, auction houses, antique dealers, etc) ;

- reproduction right (books, posters, media, merchandise, etc) ;

- right of public communication (television, internet, public exhibition, etc) ;

- collective rights (private copying levy, photocopying, public lending, cable distribution).

However, the non-pecuniary right, which is non-transferable and indefeasible, remains invested in the artist him/herself or his/her beneficiaries and cannot therefore be protected by ADAGP.



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