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Collective management organizations are subject to close monitoring by the Ministry of Culture, which ensures that its statutes and its operation comply with the rules of the intellectual property code, by the auditors and by a control commission of the organizations for the management of copyright and neighboring rights attached to the Court of Auditors.



Due to the importance of managing copyright in the protection and promotion of culture and creation, the articles and general rules of royalty collecting and distribution companies are strictly monitored by the French Ministry of Culture.

The ministry thus verifies that the articles of association comply with the current regulations and ensures that none of their provisions are likely to prevent effective and transparent management of royalties.



A permanent auditor and a deputy auditor, appointed by the General Meeting, check the accuracy and regularity of the accounts of the company.


The auditor presents an annual report on the activities of the company to the General Meeting every year.

On 18 October 2012, the General Meeting appointed the following auditors for a term of six years :

Grand Thornton, permanent auditors,
- IGEC, deputy auditors.



Since 2001, a permanent commission attached to the Cour des comptes audits the accounts and management of royalty collecting and distribution societies (OGCs) as well as those of their subsidiaries and the organisations they control.

It publishes an annual report intended for the Parliament, the Government and the general meetings of OGCs, in which it records its observations and recommendations.