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Founded in 1953, ADAGP is the French society for the collection and distribution of copyright in the field of graphic and plastic arts.

With a global network of nearly 50 sister companies, it now represents nearly 200,000 authors in all disciplines of the visual arts: painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, design, comics, manga, illustration, graffiti, digital creation, video art...


Entrée de l'ADAGP © Vincent Murracciole - Deltalight 


ADAGP manages all the economic rights recognized to authors (resale right, reproduction right, representation right, collective rights), for all modes of exploitation: books, press, advertising, derivative products, auctions, sale in galleries, television, video on demand, websites, sharing platforms between users...

Today, thanks to the richness and diversity of its repertoire, ADAGP has become one of the most important authors' societies in the world.



ADAGP was founded in 1953 on the initiative of artists who intended to extend and strengthen, as part of an authors' society, the friendly and professional ties forged in art fairs and associations over the years.

Under the impetus of its first president, the painter Marcel Parturier, the Association pour la Diffusion des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques (ADAGP) quickly welcomed into its ranks the greatest artists of the time (Georges Braque, Bernard Buffet, Alexander Calder , Marc Chagall, the Cobra movement, Salvador Dali, Léonard Foujita, Henri Laurens, Pierre Soulages, Joan Miró, Zao Wou Ki, Jacques Villon…) as well as many beneficiaries of disappeared authors.

In 1986, after the adoption of the law of July 3, 1985 defining the legal framework applicable to societies for the collection and distribution of rights, the association became a civil society, renamed for the occasion "Society of artists in the graphics and plastics arts”.




ADAGP office © Vincent Murracciole - Deltalight 





ADAGP is a non-profit civil society whose members (authors, beneficiaries, assignees) are also partners: they control its management, elect its governing bodies, they decide on the company's strategic orientations.

Due to its legal status, ADAGP cannot make any commercial profit. All the fees collected are returned to members, after deduction of management fees, or used to finance, within the framework provided by law, cultural and social actions.

The management fees charged by ADAGP strictly cover the operating costs necessary for the accomplishment of its missions.

The board of directors and the manager report each year on their management to the members of the ADAGP, meeting in general assembly.





"The authors with many creative practices and the shareholders of ADAGP unanimously recognize its competence, its expertise and its immense availability. Its missions and actions form an incomparable entity; which is its strength in the face of a complex and often divisive cultural environment. This is why the ADAGP is essential and attracts the support of many creators concerned with copyright and the traceability of their works. Everything is said on »

Christian Jaccard, member since 1977 and president of ADAGP


“Artists are generally isolated and lost in everything that concerns their rights. By joining ADAGP not only do you exist among thousands of other creators, but you also become aware of what art brings to society. ADAGP pays copyright for you and your beneficiaries, supports you in all kinds of legal proceedings such as artistic forgery, contracts, etc. ADAGP is always at your disposal with kindness, you are not alone.

ADAGP also carries out numerous actions, such as grants in all artistic sectors and aid for cultural development. The action that touches me the most is "Culture (s) of tomorrow" driven by the experience of the Fabrique du regard and the La Source association. With a social and artistic vocation, this program allows children from different colleges to develop their imaginations on a given theme. Their works are reproduced through a magnificent exhibition and are the subject of a very richly accessorized book. "

Elizabeth Garouste, member since 1999 and member of the Design Commission of ADAGP


"It is important that visual artists unite and together acquire greater legal weight. I appreciate the proximity and responsiveness of ADAGP advisers. I also like that one of the Revelations prizes is reserved for artists' books. This is quite rare and makes it possible to discover superb projects and to reward this less spectacular and visible field of contemporary art. "

Françoise Pétrovitch, member of ADAGP since 2012 and member of the 2020 Artist Book Revelation jury.


"You have to join ADAGP because it protects the artist. It makes sure that the artist is not isolated. It defends artists when they are in a weak position and it plays an advisory role in the management of copyright. Collectively, artists are stronger and ADAGP plays this role of linking all artists so that their voices can be heard better."

Olivier Masmonteil, member of ADAGP since 2009 and member of the board of directors of ADAGP.


“Hardly a week goes by that I don't recommend a cartoonist friend to join ADAGP. First, because it allows us to collect collective rights from the distribution of our images twice a year, and secondly because it provides a reliable, relevant and impartial interlocutor for all legal issues. This aid is valid in France but also abroad.

If there is a dispute with a publisher in another country over a copyright issue, ADAGP can intervene on my behalf through its many sister companies, which then take over the negotiations. This happened to me a few years ago, this help was a real support and allowed the resolution of my problem.”

Dorothée de Monfreid, member of ADAGP since 1999 and member of the Youth Book Commission


“In an artistic career, it is very important to be supported and followed. ADAGP is one of the structures that take on this role and fight for our rights. I was particularly touched when ADAGP, CIPAC and FRAAP appealed to the Council of State for the reopening of the exhibition places.”

Thibault Brunet, member of ADAGP and winner of the Artist's Book Revelation 2019


"The ADAGP, whose defense of artists is at the very heart of its activity, has undoubtedly at the time of the pandemic an even more important role to play in order to change and propose new practices within a system that has often forgot that the remuneration of authors should be one of the cardinal pillars of creation. Through its debates, its grants, its financial supports, ADAGP shows a commitment to artists and that other forms of collaboration are possible."

matali crasset, member of ADAGP, member of the Design Revelation jury and guest of the debate "Forward as before? Art in the time of the pandemic "


"It was in 2006, when I released one of my books, that on the advice of my publisher, I joined ADAGP. Although represented at the time by an agency (Vu) I quickly appreciated the listening and availability of advisers, whether in legal matters, copyright management or for the drafting of contracts...

By joining the photo commission two years ago, I realized the extent and the complexity of the new problems that the authors of images must now face following the digital explosion, and it is by coming together, by being united that artists will be able to face these new challenges! ADAGP is there to support and listen to them."

Alain Bizos, member of ADAGP since 2006 and member of the ADAGP Photography Commission